Hit Your Deal, Find the Fun with John Windmueller


Sunday February 24th
11:30a at TNM Main Stage

There are all sorts of gifts we can give ourselves and our scene partners at the top of a scene. One of the most simple, flexible, and powerful ones is to find your character’s deal. You already have lots of small hooks into starting a character (voice, physicality, etc.), so how can we build on those initial inspirations to quickly discover your character’s unique viewpoint, and how can we quickly spot and support the character choices made by our scene partners? This workshop will be chock-full of exercises and scene work to help players discover, develop, support and play with character perspectives and deals.


John Windmueller loves improv. Loves it! Being present in the moment, playing, and making art… what’s not to love? Double-fisting his improv across two cities, John currently teaches and performs both with the Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) and the Washington Improv Theater (WIT).