Musical Improv Invasion with Justin Strackany

Sunday February 24th
10:30am  at York Rite Theater


Eat a good breakfast, stretch out your hamstrings, and drink a pot of coffee, because things are about to get intense! In this one hour workshop, you’ll create and perform an entire musical from scratch. You’ll learn the core concepts, and practical implications of musical improv, including:


  • How to develop scenes that easily lead to good music
  • Common narrative archetypes and storytelling on stage
  • Common song structures that can be recreated to take the mystery out of musical improv
  • How to blend it all together to create a musical from scratch


If all goes well, this lesson will culminate in an actual run of an improvised musical. If you’ve ever been curious about how to sing on stage, want to develop tricks to write better songs, would like to involve more storytelling in your improv, or are terrified at the idea of singing on stage, this is the workshop for you!

Justin Strackany is a graduate of The New Movement, and the musical director of Water Park, TNM’s premier musical improv troupe. He also directs The Darkness All-Stars, a multi-theater collective of improvisers that perform immersive shows featuring The Bat, an improvised format performed completely in the dark. He regularly performs and teaches workshops throughout Austin, and is excited and honored to be making his Improv Wins teaching debut.