Three Workshops! with Tim & Micah


Using improv to Write more Sketch Comedy
Sunday February 24th

2:00p at TNM Red Room

It’s exactly what it sounds like!

Go for it! with Micah Philbrook

Sunday February 24th
2:00p at TNM Red Room
It’s time to stop thinking so much and just go for it! this workshop is designed to get you out of your head and into the scene. improv is about trust, trusting your partner and most importantly trusting yourself. and like editing, it’s a skill we can learn. you know those bold moves you love seeing but never seem to make? well, have you taken the time to focus on the skill set that helps you make those moves? now is the time! go for it!

English is Overrated  with Tim Soszko
Sunday February 24th
11:30a at York Rite Theater
If you’ve ever been concerned with coming up with the perfect line to say, being witty, original or intelligent, then get your ass to this workshop. Your relationships will be stronger, the commitment to your emotions will be honest, and you’ll get out of your own way in your scenes. This is for improvisors of all experience levels and backgrounds.


Seasoned sketch comedians Tim Soszko and Micah Philbrook have worked side by side for many years and at many different places. Out of their desire to bring inventive and distinct work to the sketch comedy scene, they created the tim & micah project. Now they work together to transcend expectations and warp minds.