All for one, one for all with Amy Jordan

ALL for ONE, ONE for ALL — a Teambuilding Workshop by Amy Jordan

Improv is not about one player; rather, it is about a group dynamic. To be a good improviser, you must be able to collaborate with other people. Knowing and trusting your fellow players is KEY.

In this workshop, Amy Jordan will provide exercises that will bond you together with your fellow players as well as enhance your UBH skills in scenes! You will learn techniques for finding the game of the scene, playing to your strengths, and finding your place in the scene.

Troupes are encouraged to take this workshop as a group!

Amy (Pacheco) Jordan is around the theater a lot. She performs with TNM Austin’s premiere musical improv troupe, Water Park. She teaches Level One Improv. She produces TNM Austin’s longest running sketch comedy show, The Neighborhood. You should talk to her if you want to get more involved at The New Movement. Or just to brainstorm a new idea. Or for some witty banter. Check her out every Wednesday at 9:30pm in the Megaphone Show!