Something From Nothing Can Be Everything with Dan Grimm

Sunday February 24th
2:00p at TNM Main Stage

Dan’s workshop will focus on harnessing your own personal knowledge and experience of human interaction and creating a scene or show out of simple observations. As well as adding intentional technique that does not invent comedy or drama, but instead promotes it to occur naturally. You will be run through some simple drills to break down preconceived notions of scene work, and then two person to multi-person and group scenes.


Dan Grimm has been performing and teaching improv for nearly 20 years. Starting in college with Freudian Slip and eventually training at iO and the Second City in Chicago. Dan has performed in over 20 comedy festivals with his groups Pavlov’s Dogs, Never Pickles, Cubbies and others.

Most recently Dan was part of the staff at The New Movement in Austin where he taught and performed for 3 years. Currently Dan is a member of the Latino Comedy Project and Producer for BigLittle Comedy.