Sleight of Hand with Derek Dupuy


Saturday February 23rd
10:30a     at York Rite Theater

When improv is at it’s best, it’s like magic to an audience.  Great improv grabs attention, has a build, exhibits great performance, and delivers a satisfying finish that leaves the audience wondering how the improvisers weren’t reading from a script. Just like a good magician is always steps ahead of the crowd, a good improviser is steps ahead of his or her audience. This workshop aims to teach you improv sleight of hand.  Learn how to slowly unpack your bag of tricks right before the audience without anyone suspecting a thing.  Start mastering the craft of calmly making the audience look at your scenework hand while you set up higher level moves with the hand that holds your devices. A great improviser doesn’t take the stage without an ace or two up their sleeve. What’s up your sleeve?


Derek Dupuy is an improv instructor and the artistic director with The New Movement in New Orleans.  He improvises with the groups Stupid Time Machine, Super Computer, and is a regular in The Megaphone Show.  Derek has performed all over the country and has a deep passion for taking apart improv mechanics, exploring how they work, and putting them back together for the benefit of the student.  He is the current level four instructor at The New Movement Nola.