Emotional Inertia with Thomas Dotstry

Saturday February 23rd
3:00p at TNM Red Room

Ever find yourself in a scene that seems to be about nothing? It is easy to get lost in the details of a scene and forget what matters, your scene partner. The goal of this workshop is to introduce simple ways to use emotion to bring momentum to scenes.

Thomas Dotstry has been improvising since 2004, initially at Theater 99 (Charleston, SC). He performs regularly with both the Baltimore Improv Group and T99 (Charleston, SC). Thomas teaches at BIG  and he co-produced the Annapolis Comedy Festival with John Brennan. He has also performed at the Chicago Improv Festival, NYC Improv Festival, Megaphone Marathons, Del Close Marathons and Charleston Comedy Festivals.  Also an active duty member of the Navy, he has B.S. in Electrical Engineering.