Training Camp: Mini-Intensive

Saturday & Sunday  Feb. 23-24th


Training Camp: The Mini-Intensive

By now, you’ve heard of Training Camp, TNM’s hardcore week-long improv intensive.  Since Training Camp’s inception, we’ve had requests to extend the program to students whose work schedules prohibit them from taking a whole week off to participate in the intensive.  And so, we present The Mini-Intensive: two afternoons of rigorous improv workouts modeled after our signature Training Camp.  Offered in two afternoon blocks (each one 4 hours), the The Mini-Intensive  gives students the flexibility to spend their mornings sampling whatever Improv Wins session they like, and their afternoons in Training Camp, focusing solely on breaking old improv habits and sharpening their level of play.  Participants of the Mini-Intensive are expected to perform on the night of Feb 23rd.  This show will also inform our work on the final day of camp.

Afternoon 1: Feb 23rd 2-6pm
“And Like a Samurai” – Led by CJ Hunt and Tami Nelson

Evening 1: Feb 23rd 7pm
Student Showcase Performance

Afternoon 2: Feb 24rd 2-6pm
“Heighten or Die” – Led by Chris Trew and James Hamilton

Different from classes, the value of Training Camp is not in it’s “lessons”, but rather in it’s level of rigor and individual attention.  Here you get the volume of scene reps and receive a level of feedback above that offered in the regular curriculum.  It is a workout.  One designed to push you as far as you can go.  Participants are required to take both sessions.  Enrollment is limited to 10 improvisors hungry to take their game to the next level.