Life Mining with Amy Birkhead

Sunday February 24th
11:30a at TNM Red Room

This one is dedicated to mining information from our lives in an effort to get the most out of this thing we all love. It will focus on veiling information and mining premises that are happening to us or that we have experienced for an enriched experience and robust characters.

Amy Birkhead is the Curriculum Director for Station Theater and has been performing improv in Houston since 2008. She has appeared in several festivals like Out of Bounds, LAFF, The Megaphone Marathons, the Houston Fringe Fest, The Houston Improv Festival, Houston Harold Weekend, Hell Yes Fest, and Fun Fun Fun Fest. Amy has been performing the Harold weekly for over three years with her troupe Rogue. She is also on troupes performing Armandos, Monoscenes, and Duo work. She has studied under Matt Donnelly (UCB NYC, The PIT), James Grace (iO West), Joe Bill, and Jill Bernard (HUGE Theater).