Video Round Up: June Stank

The Scent of Summer

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of June. Seriously, it’s not me. It’s June. Stop looking at me like that!

As the temperature increases so does the stank. Let’s face it. It’s time to musk up. This month’s video round-up features a wide array of olfactory treasures to pick from.

Your first option comes from SNL. “Compulsion,” designer fragrance or harmful cleaning agent? In that moment of passion…does it really matter?


TNM Founder Chris Trew offers his own signature smell, “Terp: Cologne for Women.” Sorry fellas, this scent is on a one way train to lady-nostril town.

Looking for something a little more sophisticated…more refined…snootier? Then try “Pretention” from Fry and Laurie, or as most Americans know them “Sherlock Holmes’ brother from the sequel” and “House.”


Is there any smell more sensuous than stale garbage and the lingering odor of regret (or maybe urine…yeah, thats urine) following a night of debauchery? TNM NOLA certainly doesn’t think so. And if you do…well, you’re wrong.

 Sex Panther, just…Sex Panther


-Roger Anderson