Times: News For Improvisers


* The Aurora shooting is the kind of thing that makes life almost unbearable. If you are into gun rights, and you don’t mean the kind you make with your curved (not straight!) index finger, it might be a good idea to take a healthy look at what people can do with a powerful tool. Yes, people not guns kill people, its just that they do it so efficiently and that the object in question has no other use. Andy Richter has said this much better than I’m going to.

One of our own, a comedian named Caleb Medley was shot in the head in Aurora. You can go here to read more & see his tour video and here find a link to donate to his family.

* The New Yorker has an interesting article/contest that deconstructs a basic rule of comedy using Seinfeld and print comics as illustrations. Read it and see if you agree that one incongruity is genius, several are a mess (Straight/Absurd perhaps?).

*The Just for Laughs “fresh faces” list is up. Do you recognize anybody?

*The biggest news that it is Summer!