Times: news for improvisers

Here is a gathering of news bits that may be of interest to you as an improviser:

This article from the Huffinton Post is about a comedy group that had their image stolen to advertise vodka. Apropriation and copywrite law are fasinating and complex things (all the rights to the header image for this feature, for example, probably belong to The Walters Museum) but I think we can all agree that nobody wants their comedy “transformed” into a molestery add.


Hard news or tough issues are always a bit odd to combine with comedy. Thinking about whether or not they should be combined is an important avenue of thought. Is what we do related to social justice and activism or not? Below is an article about a Trayvon Martin related protest. For me that sparks a brainstorm on what comedy-as-protest could look like and where it might fit in what we already do.


Extant groups of people living apart from our current global culture are so incredibly fascinating that it can’t help but start up my ‘prov-brain. Uncontacted = cooool!

Weird Al is suing Sony; probably just as a way to promote his new webshow.