The Weekly Format: The Elevator

NAME: The Elevator
HISTORY: This was a form that was accidentally invented in rehearsal for TNM Houston’s first Main Event in August 2011. The team that invented it, 1-Up Yours, didn’t end up utilizing it as they couldn’t perfect the form in time to compete, but I still believe that a team with fantastic group mind could pull this off in a cinch.
THE BREAKDOWN: A regular scene starts, ideally with two or three people. Others come on to provide silent environment support as background characters. When the game is heightened to an editing point, the characters in the scene are replaced by the environment support characters and a new scene with a new game is begun.
EXAMPLE: A brother and a sister have a scene over their mother’s grave. Two gravediggers enter the scene to provide background environment support. When the brother and sister scene reaches the edit point, they exit and a new scene is carried out by the gravediggers. As the gravediggers have their scene, two others take the stage for environment support. When the gravediggers’ scene comes to an edit point, the two new characters take center stage for a new scene and game. Repeat.