The Weekly Format: House and Garden

NAME: House and Garden
HISTORY: House and Garden are a pair of plays written by Alan Ayckbourn, first performed in 1999. House takes place in the drawing room of an English country home and Garden takes place in the home’s garden as a party is being prepared. The plays are designed as a diptych and are performed simultaneously in theaters with two stages. The characters in both plays routinely exit House and enter Garden and vice versa. Each play can stand alone and be seen in any order, but seeing both allows you the ability to see the full picture.
THE BREAKDOWN: In a theater with two stages (or perhaps simply the street in front of the theater if such a thing cannot be found), two halves of the team begin a mono-scene. When the moment appears organically in either scene, characters will exit and enter the other mono-scene, tying the both together.
EXAMPLE: Good luck with this one, guys. I think I may have just invented the hardest form ever. Whomever pulls this one off gets the Yes And Award for the century.