There is such a power in affirmation.

There is a revolution in the word yes.

To deny is to tear down. To ignore is to diffuse. To contradict is to spend energy moving nowhere. To oppose is to prevent movement.

“Yes” is the heart of every collaboration. Ever.


One of my favorite “yes” stories is Yoko and John. One moment at an art show is usually mentioned as being the moment John Lennon knew he loved Yoko. If you’re a Yoko Ono hater, to the back, this is beautiful:

I thought it was fantastic – I got the humor in her work immediately. I didn’t have to have much knowledge about avant-garde or underground art, the humor got me straightaway. There was a fresh apple on a stand – this was before Apple – and it was two hundred quid to watch the apple decompose. But there was another piece that really decided me for-or-against the artist: a ladder which led to a painting which was hung on the ceiling. It looked like a black canvas with a chain with a spyglass hanging on the end of it. This was near the door when you went in. I climbed the ladder, you look through the spyglass and in tiny little letters it says ‘yes’. So it was positive. I felt relieved. It’s a great relief when you get up the ladder and you look through the spyglass and it doesn’t say ‘no’ or ‘fuck you’ or something, it said ‘yes’.1

The moment of knowing you are accepted. Affirmed. Agreed with. It is a moment very much like love.