Important Holiday Videos

Merry Today Everybody!

We got you a little round up of our favorite festive videos to enjoy over the upcoming 12 days of Christmas!

Our first video is a serious public service announcement from the amazing folks of Spirit Desire. They’d like to remind you that holidays are about generosity, so you’d better not be stingy with human rights!

Next up on our platter of viewing delights: a little ditty about what you should like from the team behind Toothpaste for Dinner. There would be only one reason, after watching this video, why you wouldn’t be singing it to yourself all day long.

Do you get all your gift ideas from the TV? Do you like getting presents? This Studio8 video does both of those things!

Ok, so the only reason you wouldn’t have “Fuck you if You Don’t like Christmas” stuck in your head is if, like me, no carol, hymn, or Christmas hit can move this classic Monty Python song from your mind when this time of year comes along. -All time favorite.-

Lastly, we have some commentary on carolers from Royal of TNM Houston. All I want for Christmas, indeed.

5 Line Scenes: The Daily Affirmation Warmup

This is not a new video by means, as it went viral way back in 2009ish, but the core of this child’s message is pretty dang relevant and we think it would make for a ridiculously delightful warmup exercise.

Stand in a circle1, taking turns saying all of the things you like. Be sure and mention some positive things about the people you’re about to play with on stage. Mention something about pajamas.

Now you’re warmed up, feeling fun and you got to stand on a sink for minute or so2.

5 Line Scenes are short blurbs about various happenings in the improv world. Got something we should post about? Drop a reply below!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Shocking!
  2. Props to Reagan Ward for digging up the video and passing it along