TV Sucks

If you’ve been to a longform improv improv class you’ve probably heard someone use a phrase like “It’s not like ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?” Great news scenic improvisers! It looks like we can soon tell people “It’s not “Trust us with Your Life. ABC has a new show coming out, with all the old shortform improisers we remember and love doing variations on The Dream and games that are inspired by celebrity guest stories.

We could have wished for a nationally aired Armando show. In our dreams every week the best premise minded, fast thinking, charming longform talents would have had us laughing, feeling, and thinking. It could have been a golden age for satire. If we had pinned our hopes on such a future, we’d now be buying that .45 that looks so appealing at the pawn shop. ABC asures us, “the show is friendly, funny and cheeky rather than scurrilous or hard hitting” and thank almighty Zeus, right?, because comedy that is “gutless” “friendly” and “cheeky” always works out great.

How to feel, how to feel? I suppose we’d better wish this thing works. Because if it doesn’t that’s only another nail in the cofin of “improv will never work for a room of more than 100 people.” Then again, I can’t stand anyone encouraging Brad Sherwood.