Times: news for improvisers

Here is a gathering of news bits that may be of interest to you as an improviser:

Over at Fesministing they’re pointing out how tedious this whole “ladies ain’t funny” deal has gotten. But hey, we still can’t let the absurdity go un-engaged, right?


Do we get all of our best work done collaboratively, or is it important for some of us to work independently? As an introverted improviser I found this article really interesting. One of my facebook friends posted this NY Times piece with the tag “This nails it in the workplace. Not in improv.” I beg to differ: many of the best events, ideas, and projects get cooked up with a mixture of independent work and preparation and finally a big reveal to a community or team. What are your thoughts?


PGraph out of Austin recently visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This piece interviews them about their feelings on doing improv in an international event where there is little built-in audience for improv. I attended the University of Edinburgh for a little while in 2004 and was a big fan of their (shortish-form) improv group “The Improverts.” I’ve always been curious about Edinburgh’s Fringe Fest & PGraph’s perspective is illuminating.


Improv Everywhere just had its 10th annual pants-less subway ride. Here is a video-laden history of the event.


Last up, why do we have chins? Seriously guys, why do we have chins?!

Thinking about this can’t help but assist your improv.