Which NFL player would make the best troupe mate?

Football season is here, America, and what better way to celebrate it than by figuring out a way to talk about football and improv? Improv Wins sent an email out to some football fans slash improvisers with one simple question – Which player would make the best troupe mate and why?

Ready to see the responses? Hut hut hike!

If your scene is feeling uninspired then use physical touch or eye contact to imply relationship.

Jason Witten would clearly be the best troupe mate. He definitely is a straight man and UBH-er. But think of all the characters he can pull from: pimp-son Dez, knucklehead Martellus Bennett, womanizing Tony Romo, cookie eating Wade Phillips and the list goes on. Awesome double threat! – Jason Sawyer

I think it would be Marquis Colston.  He is widely known as having some of the best hands/body control of any wide receiver which I think would make him killer at object work.  He is one of the top players in the game, but he has really never tried to cash that in.  That is how I know he would be the ultimate scene partner.  He would easily adapt to what ever character/perspective/status the scene needed and he would have no ego about it. – Chris Carrington

I tend to like to pack on the punishment for my troupe mates so I’m going to pick Matthew Stafford. The guy is known to be able to take more than a hit or two and keep on going. Anyone has watched this video can attest to this fact. Also, he can put up amazing numbers (scene work) without getting much personal attention (laughs). This makes me and the rest of the troupe look like a bunch of Megatrons and if we need to take him down a peg we can just remind him that he looks like a turtle in this picture. – Brady James

Obviously, Martellus Bennett would be the best troupe member.  He got (had) Jerry Jone money, I-phong money and loves Cap’n Crunch.  He has more memorable quotes than he does memorable catches though, so “show don’t tell” Marty B.  Dang.  Also, he’s an Aggie. – Adam Artho

Ray Lewis. First of all, you don’t not laugh when Ray Lewis wants you to laugh. If you have seen his pre-game introduction dance (Twinkletoes) you know this dude is down to get crazy on stage. Also notice the bit of scene work at the beginning. Very nice. Lastly, rumors (Rumor) are he murdered some dudes knowing his boys had his back. Taking chances are huge for improv. UBH Baybay! – Clay Barton

Without question Jason Witten is a top tier tight end in the NFL. What makes him so great as a player is what would also make him “the perfect troupe member.” He’s a hard worker, reliable, supportive, and has no desire to be in the spotlight. Witten has managed to stay under the radar and keep a low profile all the while climbing his way up to fourth (all time) in receptions for tight ends. I’ll take a hardworking, humble, badass who plays for the greater good any day!