What Improvisers Do

We aren’t totally sure who made the above image1 but we are totally sure that it’s mostly funny. Yeah, people who don’t watch improv sometimes think that doing improv is doing standup and yeah, most of our parents don’t get it either. The weird part of the image is that improvisers are sad alcoholics2. The best part of this image is obviously that weird spaceman riding that horse in a unicorn costume.

By the way Improv Wins readers, if you see an image like the one above send it our way!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Our investigating team seems to think that a friend of Jon Vaughn‘s named Alan made it. We also don’t know Jon Vaughn. Okay, you got us, our investigating team has the day off today.
  2. Or maybe the creator is crying for help. If only our investigating team were in the office!