The Weekly Format: Your City, Your Love

NAME: Your City, Your Love
When you think of great cities of the world, a host of magical places come to mind. An anthology film by notable directors called Paris, j’e taime captured the beautiful and ethereal nature of the City of Lights and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. This was followed by New York, I Love You and other films in the series are currently in development. Growing up in Texas, I’ve become fascinated with the growth of our cities that seem destined to enter that pantheon, my hometown of Houston and Austin, a wondrous city. When I travel, I attempt to listen to the heartbeat of the place I’m in and understand how the people affect the backdrop and vice versa. The only way to have the time of your life in a city is to find out what makes it unique.
Explore the idiosyncrasies of your city using an Invocation opening and improvise a Harold that captures the perfect essence of what makes it unique and beautiful, elevating your city to mythical proportions.
I picked the Harold structure because it is the form that I feel is closest to the epics of Greek, Roman and Shakespearean theatre. The Invocation is an opening that I find is easier to work with than basic organics as it goes with a unifying purpose while still possessing overtones of ancient ritual. If you work with the form and find that you get too epic, needing a more intimate portrayal of your city, attempt performing the show as a La Ronde to focus on specific character works and relationships. Whatever you decide, the basic idea is mythmaking so don’t be afraid to go as big as you can with your choices.

5 Line Scenes: Funny Bones and the Pepsi Refresh Project

Yeah, we mostly focus on the Long side of improv forms around these parts, but you can’t deny how cool this is. New Orleans based Funny Bones is a group dedicated to performing improv games in hospitals for kids. That’s pretty incredible and you can help them become even more incredible by voting for their idea on the Pepsi Refresh Project.

We’ll let you get the dirt on how it works and for those who like to click and watch things, check out the video from Funny Bones below. When you’re finished up, head over Pepsi Refresh Project and vote1 for Funny Bones!

5 Line Scenes are short blurbs about various happenings in the improv world. Got something we should post about? Drop a reply below!

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