The Weekly Format: What’s on Your iPod?

NAME: What’s on Your iPod?
I’m not sure where this form originated, but I’ve heard of several versions and they all set my mind on fire. Music has been an essential part of the human experience since one enterprising caveman started hitting stuff with rocks and discovered rhythm (probably). To marry it with improv is a no-brainer.
THE BREAKDOWN: An iPod is brought to the stage and placed on a sound dock. One of the players hits the shuffle button on the iPod and the music that erupts from it is the inspiration for the set.
NOTES: Like I said, I’ve heard several versions of this format. A friend told me he saw it done once where they hit play on the iPod and it played through the whole set, the players attempting to edit at the end of each song. Another friend told me that she received free admission for bringing her iPod and the team requested one from the audience. For younger improvisers who aren’t as sure of their information pulling skills, it might be beneficial to hear the players speak about the song, giving their opinions about it or personal history with it. It seems like it would be an easy thing to put as an opening for a scenic format as well, such as the Harold.