Is the iO Summer Intensive Worth $1100?

(Part 1 of a Series)

Each summer, iO Chicago offers the chance to take (almost1) their entire program in one month for the sum of $1100. Of course you’ll also have to find a place to sleep. And you need to eat. And you’ll probably want to check out other shows in the Chicago area while you’re there. So, depending on your tastes, you might be looking at around $2,000 for your month of improv.

The program as explained by the iO website:

The Summer Intensive condenses the entire iO Theater school of thought into five incredible weeks. The class meets every Monday through Thursday from 11am to 5pm for five weeks. Each week, a different iO teacher instructs the class in a particular level of curriculum. All of our teachers for the Summer Intensive are currently teachers in our Training Center. Best of all, the class culminates in a performance here in our theater!

So, is it worth it? How soon should you sign up? What can you expect? This 2005 iO Summer Intensive Alumni has some answers for you, coming in Part 2!

And, Beans! 2

Show 2 footnotes

  1. The intensive covers levels 1-4B, whereas their actual curriculum goes up to 5 and 5B
  2. True story: One time an instructor from the Annoyance Theater insisted on ending every scene with "Beans!" because she was desperately trying to be unique.”