Houston Harold Weekend Wrap up

Houston Harold weekend 2012 has wrapped and it was the most successfully glorious Harold weekend that has ever happened, probably.







HHW H-Town 2012 kicked off Saturday morning at noon with intro workshops and focused character work with Amy Birkhead and Lisa Friedrich before moving on to Organic Openings with Eric Muller.

The afternoon workshops wrapped with Matt Donnelly’s Speed Harold which was packed with performers from all over studying Donnelly’s modified Harold.














Audiences started packing in Avant Garden around 8pm to see Houston’s Rogue Improv, the Speed Harold workshop’s production and an all-instructors performance back to back. The shows were magic. The performers were gold. The night was young.

The crew took to the darkness but unbeknownst to them the clocks planned to turn ahead. The bars had no intention of acknowledging it the fun way, like when this happens in the fall. Refusing to stop the engaging conversations and entertaining banter HHW’s followers did what they had to do, take it to the house. Things got really fun, weird, meat and cheeses were introduced, but mainly stayed fun.

Sunday came around just as one would expect it to- too early but charged with the electricity of another education and performances. Shyla Ray delighted with interconnectedness and theatrical cohesiveness, Dan Grimm dazed performers, demanding truth and emotional depth and Matt Donnelly returned for really cool beat work. Group scene and device deconstruction is a mouthful but Donnelly didn’t call it that so it was just real cool.
Sunday night wrapped up the weekend like TNM Houston wraps up every weekend- with Improv Zero (a Free intro course for any and all) coupled with the Shootaround, an all-in performance for all improvisers, and a Megaphone Show.

HHW pulled out all the stops for the weekend fenale; TNM Nola’s Stupid Time Machine performed, and acted as the monologists for the theater’s flagship show, the Megaphone.

If the above images above don’t display the deep affections the TNM community has for one another, the harold, the art, and out of town guests  look at these. We heart Harold.