Photo Essay: FunFunFun Fest 2011

All three New Movement cities came together to perform at FunFunFun Fest in November 2011. This is photographic proof! All images by Henry Linser.

There once was a festival that was known for the great performances that happened there.

This is the story of how the west was Fun Fun Fun.

We scolded.

And snickered.

And spoke Spanish

to celebrate the roasting of Butch Cassidy!!

We squawked.

And swayed.

Townspeople from all walks of life came together and danced.

We reminisced about the good times and the bad.

We laid the past to rest.

We rejoiced in our future!

We came from the Old West and stood for solidarity and UBH.

To the fun fun fun times ahead!!

Photo Essay: FunFunFun Fest 2010

The Austin, TX wing of The New Movement performed at FunFunFun Fest in November 2010. This is photographic proof! All images, btw, by Henry Linser.

We came out of the woods to bring the comedy to Waterloo Park.

The APD has our back. APD! UBH!

We are very serious.

This is the great oracle of comedy.

The crowds love us because we bring in the fun.

We rally together to prepare you for the comedy.

Our leader is fearless and eloquent.

We’ll make you smile.

We’ll make you cry.

We’ll fight hard for your laughs.

We will blow your mind.

We are the TNM tribe.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011


Last weekend The New Movement participated in Fun Fun Fun Fest, and it was all the things that we are.
There was the admirable amount of hustle: we were represented in 6 different shows on the comedy stage! The winsomeness, rawness, courage: this could be illustrated by innumerable images of our infinitely silly old-timey western costumes, Mikey DoDo slathered in whip cream and making sweet love to the air, or pacing the Anarchy wrestling ring. The simple revelry and coolness: I will not lie to you, I love that we get to walk around with an “artist” wristband that, however superficially, affirms my suspicion that we’re all in the exact same genus as Slayer.

However, beyond all this, is what we most are, in the core of our being.

Something that is, to me, nearly ineffable and unmistakably divine.

If I try to express this moment, this quality of our community I fall short of words. Love. That is the only one I really have for it.
You see, when we gather there is a freeing of energy like a force of nature. We are so intent on joy, so passionate about each other, so willing to envelop the moment and risk our full selves in the support and celebration of each other.
It just gushes out and there are moments of playfulness that define the word itself.
In the fields of auditorium shores we exploded in dances, games, acrobatics, purelove.

[testimonial name=”Cris Skelton ” ” last_box=”no”]

In short, The New Movement is one of the best things that’s ever happened on this Earth. I’m ecstatic and humbled to be a part of it. Thanks for this weekend, guys. I will remember it forever.


[testimonial name=”Rob Gagnon”  last_box=”no”]

The people involved in The New Movement have changed my life, I’m happier, I’m more consistently funny in ways that make me proud, I’m performing more and more on bigger stages, depression stays out of the way more often, I don’t worry about being cool, I enjoy spending time with people as much as I enjoy spending time alone… so much of my pride and accomplishments stem from this group of people.


[testimonial name=”Lisa Friedrich” last_box=”no”]

This weekend served as a reminder of all things accomplished by truth, beauty, freedom and love. the support and love i’ve seen first to ninth hand is incredible.


[testimonial name=”Chadwick Smith”  last_box=”yes”]

Maybe even the best weekend ever. But those moments during the M83 show with The New Movement just doing our thing and getting everyone invovled was pure magic and love. UBH all around.