The Weekly Format: Fade to Black

NAME: Scene Base (or the Fade to Black Format)
HISTORY: This form was brought to my attention by my friend Omar when we were on our way to perform at the Interstate Fringe Festival in New Orleans. We executed it there to great success and it became the format used by my first side troupe, Fade to Black.
THE BREAKDOWN: Open the set with an all-in slow building scene to gather information from. Edit the scene and break into a montage. Return to the base scene again when it feels organic and raise the stakes to gather more information. Break again into a montage. Repeat. Ideally, the base scene should be revisited at least two times through the set to provide a clean beginning, middle, and end.
EXAMPLE: Two students and a priest go to the woods to hunt unicorns. As a social experiment, the priest begins manipulating the two boys into competition. The scene is edited and a montage is played until they organically return to the priest and the children. The priest has now turned the boys against each other and they go their separate ways to get to the unicorn before the other does. The scene is edited and a montage is played again until they organically return to the forest. The priest has found the unicorn and is trying to harness its rainbow powers to gain wealth and fame, and the two boys have to reconcile to combat him in an epic battle, learning about trust and the true nature of friendship and love. Fade to Black.