July Vids

July Video Round-Up – A Look At Classic Cinema

We aren’t even done with July and Hollywood has already graced us with numerous Summer blockbusters. These have included such notable titles as Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s prequel to the “Alien” which dared to ask the question “What the crap is happening in this movie?”

Not to mention, “Magic Mike,” the tale of a young boy with magical powers who is accepted into Wizadry School.

In honor of the amazing summer movies we too often take for granted, this video round-up takes a glance at classic cinema.

First up, a piece uncovered by TNM Houston’s Adrian Frimpong and Adrien Pellerin features the classic comedy duo Carl and Jerry detailing a beloved college tradition.

Next, the gripping climax from one of film history’s grittiest gangster films. Brought to you by “The Birthday Boys,” this clip is not for the feint of heart.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Europe’s contribution to the evolution of film. From “The Mighty Boosh,” this clip from Jurgen Haabemaaster’s “A Doctor and Pencil” is an existential exploration of pain and rage.

Check out this rare outtake from the legendary film Casablanca via Milo Smith and Sara Reihani, featuring TNM Austin’s Rob Gagnon and Ariel Greenspoon.

Finally, here’s “Shopping Tarts” a short film from the 1940’s singing group “The Apple Sisters.”

-Roger Anderson