FAQ247: How can I make friends in Improv?

I receive a lot of emails, a lot, with a subject line similar to “Interest in Impov Classes” and read a lot of reasoning as to why people sign up for this thing initially.  As a result I’ve read a lot of explanations why people sign up and reasoning spans from “I saw a show and I think I can do this” to “My higher being things this is my next step”.  (As a fun experiment you can post your initial wording at the bottom of this post).  All are valid because it doesn’t matter why we get in the rooms but that we get in the rooms.  It’s also a key ingredient in the gravy that makes this whole varying backgrounds and experiences thing delicious.  Ironically, almost no one writes what they really want….”I want to make friends”.

It’s a totally natural thing to want to associate and collaborate with like-minded people, in fact when people do not fit our friendship schemas we largely avoid associating with them altogether, so the motivation here is nature.  It’s not a totally natural thing to throw yourself in a room of people you hope you like and travel on a journey requiring an element of vulnerability without knowing much of anything about your fellow travelers.  But it is to us.  It’s possible that we are friends because the magic of working on our crafts together brought us in from our varying walks of life and forced us to collaborate, which is inherent to the craft and thus an element of attraction, but it’s far more likely to me that we’re all friends because we decided this twisted path was the BEST possible way to make friends.

Then the answer to the frequently asked question “How can I make friends in Improv?” is sign up for improv.  Additionally, you can hang out after shows, volunteer to help with events, post your wildest format concept in the students section on fb and see who responds, write a sketch, film a premise, form a troupe.   Just like anything you would ever do in any situation, trust that the person next to you had the same twisted plans leading them into this community.  Also being the person who brings candy to class helps…WINK.