Acts from New Orleans, Baltimore and more!

Night two of programming at Improv Wins includes special student performances, a showcase of the rising comedy scene out of New Orleans, the Baltimore Improv Group and an All-Star performance from faculty members.

Unscripted, 10:00p, is an improvised performance that will feature a full-length play based on an audience conversation and will include props, costumes, actors, lights, and a soundtrack–but no script. The audience will help create the themes, plot, and characters at the beginning of each “Unscripted” play and are encouraged to bring unusual objects to the theater each night for use as props. Each night the cast of BIG improvisers will create a new story, complete with a plot, story arc, and characters in real time as the play is unfolding before the audience.

Dean’s List, appearing in the New Orleans Showcase at 8:30p.

“‘Unscripted’ is an audacious undertaking that pushes Baltimore theater in a whole new direction: Every audience gets to see a different play. And it’s all made up; the actors have been rehearsing story arcs and play structures, but the genre, dialogue, scenes, and characters won’t be invented until the audience shows up,” said BIG Artistic and Executive Director Michael Harris.

The creators of Unscripted will also be teaching a workshop earlier on Saturday and those attendees will have a chance to perform their own version of the format as well as students of The Dusty, another unique improv format being developed out of New Orleans, during the 7:00p Student Showcase shows.

The fast rising New Orleans comedy scene will be represented well at 8:30p with the New Orleans Improv Showcase and the night will close with a special performance from all the local and visiting teachers in the Conference at 11:30p.