Politics, you guys!

You don’t have to be an expert on politics to know that there’s an election going on. In fact, I don’t believe you have to be an expert on politics to get your own show on FOX or CNN making comments about it.

On November 6th people of all races, ages and creeds will come together in the spirit of patriotism to go through the election process we were all taught in 8th grade civics. They will line up and place their marble in one of two bowls. The bowls are then emptied into a nest of meerkats. We’ll know who the new president is by the old rhyme “If the meerkats run, then Romney is the one. If the meerkats sleep, Obama we keep.”

I think.

I have a confession to make…I’m not an expert on politics. Chances are YOU aren’t either.

Which is why November’s video roundup is chock full of informational and entertaining (something I call “entertational”) videos to keep you informed about “political happenings,” which is incidentally the name of my news pundit show on CNN – Wednesdays at 5.


In this video, (brought to you by TNM Comedy’s CJ Hunt) an evil billionaire gives some heartfelt reasons why we should give Mitt Romney our full support.

From SNL (and Jon Hamm), here’s a vid is about Pat Finger’s campaign for City Council of Butts County…should be fine

I’ve heard of campaign ads, but NEGATIVE campaign ads?! They exist, and in this clip from Mr. Show we see that no one is safe.

Democratic Party? Republican Party? I prefer Royal’s Party (from Station Theater’s Royal Millen featuring Matt Gawloski.) In this clip they review a contingency plan for a russian mafia invasion, something I think the other platforms are sorely lacking.

You can’t cast your vote until watching this candid video from President Obama’s college years from Key and Peele.

-Roger Anderson