Photo Essay: FunFunFun Fest 2011

All three New Movement cities came together to perform at FunFunFun Fest in November 2011. This is photographic proof! All images by Henry Linser.

There once was a festival that was known for the great performances that happened there.

This is the story of how the west was Fun Fun Fun.

We scolded.

And snickered.

And spoke Spanish

to celebrate the roasting of Butch Cassidy!!

We squawked.

And swayed.

Townspeople from all walks of life came together and danced.

We reminisced about the good times and the bad.

We laid the past to rest.

We rejoiced in our future!

We came from the Old West and stood for solidarity and UBH.

To the fun fun fun times ahead!!

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Amy has dedicated her life to the stage. After earning her degree in theater at University of Dallas, Amy went on to work as a stage manager for Williamstown Theater Festival and NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She worked on her directing and producing at Portland Stage Company and the hyperbolic theater company. Then, she performed standup comedy and performance art at such avant garde NYC open mics as Rev Jen's Anti-Slam. When she moved to Austin, TX, she called Chris Trew right away and asked him where she could continue her comedy career. And the rest is history. Amy has been performing, producing, and teaching at The New Movement since August 2009.