Patton Oswalt describes comedy resurrection and insurrection in his keynote

Did you know that the gigantic Just for Laughs festival in Montreal has a keynote speech? Patton Oswalt just used that forum exactly how you would fantasize that he would (although he was wearing regular cloths and not a Jacobean doublet).

To Comedians: “Hey, ‘know what I was thinking the other day? Everything I know about succeeding as a comedian and ultimately as an artist is worthless now, and I couldn’t be happier about that.”
To Executives & the Suits: “Comedians are getting more and more comfortable with the idea that if we’re not successful, it’s not because we haven’t gotten our foot in the door, or nobody’s given us a hand up. We can do that ourselves now. Every single day we can do more and more without you and depend on you less and less.”

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