Improv Wins 2014: The Shows

Along with top notch workshops for experienced performers, meet-ups for the inexperienced and parties for everyone, Improv Wins also presents high quality programming for the general audience. Show schedule and tickets below!

Friday January 24th
9:00p: Chris and Tami
The founders of The New Movement do their first full length show in nearly a year at the theater that started it all – TNM Austin.

10:30p: Dusty Night w/ Brows and Moonsault
A tribute to the improv format homegrown at The New Movement featuring each cities pioneers, Brows from New Orleans and Moonsault from Austin.

Saturday January 25th
9:00p: Conference Faculty Showcase
Two groups consisting of conference faculty take the stage in a special showcase. Featuring performers from Chicago, Austin, New Orleans, Houston and NYC.

10:30p: The Megaphone Show
TNM’s flagship show gets the festival treatment with a special cast and very special guest.

Sunday January 26th
7:00p: Big Headlining Show
The big one! Featuring Jet Eveleth, Derek Dupuy, Tami Nelson, Brandon Gardner, Megan Simon, Chris Trew andVanessa Gonzalez hosted by Rob Gagnon