Fantasy Weekend: The Top Five Improv Shows I’d See This Week Anywhere in the World!

This feature is a subjective take on what shows are most exciting this week. If you’d like to write a Fantasy Weekend we’re open for submissions. Email!

My pics for the top five shows to see this week are in weekday order:

Wednesday (that’s when the weekend starts right?)   11:00    TJ & Dave @ IO Chicago

I’ve seen TJ & Dave live one time and it was a transcendent experience. I will be arriving in Chicago early in the evening, by magic eagle, and dining at the Thai place around the corner from IO. That place tasted really good, although I’m unsure if they’re open for dinner. Even if I get dinner-disappointed the show is likely to be amazing!

Thursday   9:30    Block Party @ TNM Austin

I heard tell that last week’s Block Party went totally out of control. There were strange videos and crazy contests. I miss that ol’ Austin Block Party vibe sometimes and I will be arriving for this Thursday’s show in a carriage pulled by wishes.


Friday 8:00The Garfunkel & Oates Hour @ UCB LA

The fact that this show is sold out already would affect me, if this weren’t a FANTASY! Hurray, this being a fantasy I am also staying at The Standard in LA and having a really weird time with some crazy folks on the roof-top bar after the show. In the morning I will have several breakfasts sent to my room and fly back to Texas in a plane, a regular plane. I’m not that damn spoiled in my fantasies.


Saturday 8:00 Steam, Rose Colored Goggles, and the Flight of The Victoriana @ SVT Austin

In real life I won’t get to see this show and actually have never been to Salvage Vanguard Theater. But in my fantasy I get to see some friends in this show and have a positive experience with some genre-prov. Then I teleport  back to Houston for Sunday.


Sunday 7:00 TNM HOUSTON: Improv Zero, Shootaround, Special Sauce Show @ Avant Garden

On this last night of my fantasy five show smorgasbord I’ll cherish being back on home turf as we have a shootaround and a fun show. This is a new night and venue for TNM Houston so it will be nice to support adding extra improv to the Hustle Town scene.

Fantasy: Complete!