Fantasy Weekend: NYC, Minneapolis & Austin

When you know you can teleport, you want to switch up your comedy palette.

Thursday June 7th 9:30 pm The Scene @ The Pit

Monoscenes are all about the slow play. Trust is the brick-and-mortar; no quick premise or witty tap-out is gonna save the piece. So of course decade-long partnerships (like TJ & Dave or oldschool Bassprov) will have a “that’s-how-they-do-it” escape clause. But what if you take people, heavy-hitters, from all over NYC and give them the same restraints? Should be a masterclass in making the right choices and LYDO.

Friday June 8th 8 pm Friend Request by Interplanetary Appeal @ HUGE Theater

Good packaging can make or break a show. Which is where HUGE Theater excels, branding each show with slick graphics and sharp design. The Social Network parody video for this show peaks up enough curiosity alone, but add a great community with strong performers and the ingredients for a crowd-focused set are in place. If you want to go meta with online life, here’s a great place to open up.

Saturday June 9th 10:30 pm Megaphone Show with Amy Heckerling @ TNM Austin

And this is just too damn good to pass up. Clueless? Look Who’s Talking? Fast Times at Ridgemont High? GOSSIP GIRLS?! Comedy nostalgia and pop-culture pleasure centers are practically convulsing over this pairing. Austin’s seasoned Armando team taking the conversation everybody in the room would listen in on and making it their own on stage? Shoot.

Nightcrawler has nothing on this weekend.