Fantasy Weekend: Favorite Shows, This Week, In the World!

This feature is a subjective take on what shows are most exciting this week. If you’d like to write a Fantasy Weekend we’re open for submissions. Email!

My pics for the top three shows this weekend are in weekday order:

Friday 10:30 Claws with Fangs @ TNM Austin

This all-female group may appear soft and lovely on the outside, but don’t let that pleasant smell distract you from their razor-sharp comedic talons. With members like Danu Uribe, who recently toured the WORLD and splashed Conan (that’s her standing next to old Red), TNM Austin Conservatory Director Vanessa Gonzalez, Yamina Khouane and Christie Grace, they make average absurdity hang in the towel. Bits of brain will be left on the Rosewood Ave floor. I’ve been meaning to catch opener The Sticky Boys for months now too. Oh, and did I mention the New Orleans edition of Claws with Fangs will be the first group performing for TNM NOLA’s grand opening next weekend? Let’s hear it for the ladies.

Saturday: 8 Whirled News Tonight @ iO Chicago

When I read the newspaper, I alternate between crying into Lucky Charms and buying stock in various cattle farms in Nebraska. When the Whirled News Tonight team reads the newspaper, they spin by-lines and first sentences into the finest silk comedy carpets. Yep, kind of a welcome mat for approaching what a f’ed up world we live in. It’s like if Jon Stewart took hallucinogenics and pop rocks. Last time I saw these guys, when Padraic Connelly made a subtle Jaleel White callback 30 minutes into their set at Hell Yes Fest, I laughed myself into a urinary-tract infection.

Sunday: 8pm Improv A Go Go @ Huge Improv Theater in Minneapolis

The doors to the Huge Improv Theater in Minneapolis opened December 2010, and in the past year they’ve been producing 12 weekly shows. I want to spend a week here watching everything from dream-team Show X on Mondays to the coyly un-described Bearded Men Improv (WHAT IS IT ABOUT?!?!), but for a one-night stand I’d hit their Sunday showcase. A lottery of any and all improv (local, state, and NATIONAL!), it gives the improvisational equivalent of if Neapolitan ice cream had all 31 flavors. I can’t think of a better show to sample what the Twin Cities improv scene has been building in the past several years.  Plus I’d get a chance to wash down the longform goodness with Delerium Tremens on tap at the awesome Nomad Bar on Cedar Ave. Belgian beer and bocce ball, post-belly laughs, is my idea of a Sunday night that doesn’t involve crying into breakfast cereals!

Fantasy. Actualized.