The Bat with Justin Strackany

Sunday January 26th
10:00am  at TNM Red Room

The Bat is a mysterious and occult improvisational form invented by Joe Bill of the Annoyance Theater, which is performed exclusively in the dark. More than just an improvised radio play or “Harold in the Dark”, The Bat is a surrealist, often macabre, performance art piece that can transform both players and audience members.

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn:


  • How to begin, end, and exist in The Bat
  • How to let go of traditional concepts of character, narrative, and pattern work to create this piece
  • How to use rhythm and soundscapes to create atmosphere and emotion
  • How to “get out of your head”, let go of the story, and be present in the moment of your scene
  • How to use the concepts of the format to help your other scenework.


This workshop will include at least one performance of a Bat for all participants.

About the Instructor

Justin Strackany is the musical director of Water Park, TNM’s only musical improv troupe, and also performs with several other troupes, including The Divorcees & Hot Glue. He has taken an intensive Bat workshop from Joe Bill and has directed several shows with The Darkness, a multi-theater collective that specializes in immersive improv, often incorporating a performance of The Bat.