Why Not Make It Personal? with Joseph Meissner


Saturday January 25th
10:00a Upstairs

Most of your scenes will take place in defined locations, right? You’ll be interacting with objects, and you and your scene partners will probably have names. Why not make it personal? Choosing personal, real environments, objects, and names will bring an authentic emotional investment and a rich set of associations that lend your scenes greater depth and impact. Put that kitchen scene in your grandma’s kitchen, and throw away that box of Grape Nuts that expired in 1997. Name the other characters in the show after your crew of best friends from the 5th grade (even though the scene takes place in a car dealership), and see how that informs your attitude and relationships with them.

Joseph Meissner is an actor, director, and writer. With his wife Helen Krieger, he created the award-winning feature film Flood Streets and web series Least Favorite Love Songs. As an actor, he has worked with the great physical theater directors Andre Gregory, Lee Breuer, and Jerzy Grotowski, appeared in over 20 movies and TV shows, and was a founding company member of Austin’s Salvage Vanguard Theater. He moved to New Orleans in 2001, where he runs a Chinese martial arts school and teaches movement for actors at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. He has trained with the New Movement since 2011 and is impressed with the level of talent, creativity and energy of its faculty. He’s thrilled to return for his second round at Improv Wins!