Photostream Live: Thursday July 19th!

Thursday July 19th may have appeared to be just another night at Austin comedy theater, The New Movement, but the energy in the room was so magnetic that we decided to photostream the night. Here’s what went down on our iPhone!

Whoa. We got a new sign! How badass is this? Expect the purty one on the left to change from time to time. Mixin’ it up!

The Austin training camp students opened the show after performing for 6.5 hours straight earlier in the day on their fourth day in a row of camps. This improv intensive group was high energy and playful playful playful. Training Camp director CJ Hunt says:

“There is something pretty indescribable that happens when a group of people spend all day doing improv together and get up every night in front of people to do something wild and experimental.  It’s balls.  It’s endurance.  It’s straight up hustle.  And it’s wonderful to watch them take the stage every night, exhausted as hell, and take the leap off the ledge together. ”   

In the middle was The Human Aquarium, a new student troupe coached by Austin artistic director Alex Berry. This is them in the green room getting ready to do the damn thing followed by a shot of them FROM the green room IN THE PROCESS OF doing the damn thing!

Closing out the night was another brand new student troupe, Death Metal Banjo (coached by TNM legend Dan Grimm)! All three groups were delightful, all three groups were photogenic (forgive our iPhones, yeah?) and all three groups have peeps with bright, bright futures ahead of them. Bravo!

Video Round Up: June Stank

The Scent of Summer

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of June. Seriously, it’s not me. It’s June. Stop looking at me like that!

As the temperature increases so does the stank. Let’s face it. It’s time to musk up. This month’s video round-up features a wide array of olfactory treasures to pick from.

Your first option comes from SNL. “Compulsion,” designer fragrance or harmful cleaning agent? In that moment of passion…does it really matter?


TNM Founder Chris Trew offers his own signature smell, “Terp: Cologne for Women.” Sorry fellas, this scent is on a one way train to lady-nostril town.

Looking for something a little more sophisticated…more refined…snootier? Then try “Pretention” from Fry and Laurie, or as most Americans know them “Sherlock Holmes’ brother from the sequel” and “House.”


Is there any smell more sensuous than stale garbage and the lingering odor of regret (or maybe urine…yeah, thats urine) following a night of debauchery? TNM NOLA certainly doesn’t think so. And if you do…well, you’re wrong.

 Sex Panther, just…Sex Panther


-Roger Anderson

The End of Meme May

Since we started our Meme drive at the beginning of may there’s been fun to be had in the world of an image with some text added to it. Yet, all things come to a close.

If you’ve gotten hooked on improv memes and so are lamenting the end of May and our fascination with this trend over here at Improv Wins, check out Jason Chin’s recent post repleat with hilarious memes.

And if you have bout of stairwell wit and think “I must make this improv idea pop!” check out the meme generator app which makes that ambition oh so easily attainable and fun.

Meme May: More Memes

Check out a few more of our favorite improv memes, created for Improv Wins:



Photo Essay: FunFunFun Fest 2011

All three New Movement cities came together to perform at FunFunFun Fest in November 2011. This is photographic proof! All images by Henry Linser.

There once was a festival that was known for the great performances that happened there.

This is the story of how the west was Fun Fun Fun.

We scolded.

And snickered.

And spoke Spanish

to celebrate the roasting of Butch Cassidy!!

We squawked.

And swayed.

Townspeople from all walks of life came together and danced.

We reminisced about the good times and the bad.

We laid the past to rest.

We rejoiced in our future!

We came from the Old West and stood for solidarity and UBH.

To the fun fun fun times ahead!!

Advice from Monsters

Over the past year Monsters have given us some nice pointers on Improv and how they see the world.This is a short “best of” compilation of what monsters have exhorting their fellow practitioners of the art of improv to hone and what they’ve cautioned us to avoid by waving their claws and tentacles.


Wilson "Claw Hands" Jones

King Picklesfish

Zerkzies Balthazaar

Philipa Toothface

The Ghost of Candice Winifold



Professor Issabolo

Toe-Toe Toeington