Front Comp A It’s here! Improv Wins is a book about improv comedy written by veteran improvisers and founders of The New Movement, Chris Trew and Tami Nelson.

For nearly a decade, Chris and Tami have lived and breathed improv as they traveled the country teaching and performing while opening theaters and being general ambassadors for the art form. This book serves as a tool for students and alumni of The New Movement as well as a look into the philosophies and styles that have driven the improv scene in Austin and New Orleans.

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 Chapters include:
– It’s Not About the Dog
– Paths and Weapons
– If There’s a Cake in the Living Room, There’s a Brownie in the Basement
– Do Not Open the Box
and more!

About Chris and Tami: Chris and Tami have been improvising together for a very long time. In addition to performing at many comedy festivals and venues all over the country, the duo has created their own festivals and opened their own venues and training center, The New Movement, in Austin and New Orleans.