A Year in (photo) Review: The New Movement

The New Movement has exploded over the past year.  We have made so many new friends, produced so many new shows, logged so many travel and tour miles.  2011 was BIG. Let’s take a moment to travel through memories together!

TNM + UCB in Austin

Anthology: Mechanical Bullsh*t @ TNM Austin

The Neighborhood @ TNM Austin

The New Movement NOLA @ TNM New Orleans

Lowlights Carnival @ TNM Austin

TNM NOLA @ TNM Austin Megafest

Dallas Comedy Festival @ Dallas Comedy House

Tim & Micah @ Hell Yes Fest Austin

Rogue @ TNM Megaphone Marathons Houston

Megaphone Marathons Austin

Megaphone Marathons NOLA

Marathon after party YOU! YOU! YOU!

Mothership @ TNM Austin

TNM NOLA’s 1st Level 5 Graduation

Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin

Hell Yes Fest NOLA

And for bonus…

We did so much traveling to see each other…

And worked on crazy shows…

And threw so so so many parties.

We should be exhausted but we aren’t. 2012 is going to be even bigger. Hello, Future.