5 Line Scenes: The Daily Affirmation Warmup

This is not a new video by means, as it went viral way back in 2009ish, but the core of this child’s message is pretty dang relevant and we think it would make for a ridiculously delightful warmup exercise.

Stand in a circle1, taking turns saying all of the things you like. Be sure and mention some positive things about the people you’re about to play with on stage. Mention something about pajamas.

Now you’re warmed up, feeling fun and you got to stand on a sink for minute or so2.

5 Line ScenesĀ are short blurbs about various happenings in the improv world. Got something we should post about? Drop a reply below!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Shocking!
  2. Props to Reagan Ward for digging up the video and passing it along