5 Line Scenes: Funny Bones and the Pepsi Refresh Project

Yeah, we mostly focus on the Long side of improv forms around these parts, but you can’t deny how cool this is. New Orleans based Funny Bones is a group dedicated to performing improv games in hospitals for kids. That’s pretty incredible and you can help them become even more incredible by voting for their idea on the Pepsi Refresh Project.

We’ll let you get the dirt on how it works and for those who like to click and watch things, check out the video from Funny Bones below. When you’re finished up, head over Pepsi Refresh Project and vote1 for Funny Bones!

5 Line Scenes are short blurbs about various happenings in the improv world. Got something we should post about? Drop a reply below!

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  1. You can use your Facebook login to do this so don’t let any fears of new form signups dissuade you!