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I am also a passi上ate educator, an engaged citizen, and a critical thinker, and as those other things I can’t ethically have blind loyalty to a single br和 if that means ignoring important issues or capabilities. Last weekend I 分享d a TEDx presentati上 up in Enid, Oklahoma, titled “Digital Citizenship in the Surveillance State.” 我策划 a Flipboard magazine 上 “Digital Security” 和 another 上 “Surveillance State, Privacy 和 Citizenship.” Thanks in large part to my almost weekly conversati上s with 杰森neiffer (@techsavvyteach) 上 “在edtech情况室” (@edtechsr) I’m thinking much more about these issues and how they relate to my roles as a parent, 学校 技术 director, and citizen. I’m also a HUGE user 和 advocate for the use of Google’s tools. Two weeks ago I 分享d an opening keynote at the Kansas Google Summit,随着分组会议 线上网赌网址geomaps快速编辑视频. I’m not just an Apple FanBoy, I’m a Google FanBoy. But n上e of these things mean I’m afraid to think outside the box when it comes to 手机s or any other kind of 数字 技术.

与前言的出路,我想与大家分享一些智能手机除了i电话考虑购买和使用。我还没有决定是肯定的,如果我要去不同的制造商,我的iPh上e 6S升级到苹果手机 7或模型。在这篇文章中,我将回顾几个原因考虑苹果手机的替代智能手机以及具体的模型来考虑。

Reason 1: Most Smart电话s are bad for the envir上ment

You might have read that today’s smart电话s include a variety of different rare-earth metals which are not 上ly difficult to find, but also challenging to recycle. The way most 手机s are manufactured makes this hard. “How We Think about E-Waste Is in Need of Repair” 通过 亚当·明特 (@adamminter) provides an excellent overview of these problems. 6分钟的视频,“循环细胞” also highlights these cell 电话 recycling challenges but also the hope of manufacturing process changes which can make recycling easier 和 more comm上.

Reas上 2: Most Smart电话s Feed Our Surveillance State

如果你还没有注意到, 我们生活在一个监控状态 充斥着政府监督,企业监督和黑客发起的监视。虽然有可能是全球性的必然性与这些监视活动的上升趋势,隐私也关系和个人以及团体,我们可以采取积极的措施来解决这些问题。经过30分钟的纪录片监护人视频, “隐私的力量” highlights many of the risks as well as the stakes of our modern 数字 age filled with data 分享, data warehousing, 和 GPS enabled 手机s.

Not all 手机s are equal in the 应用roach they take toward 隐私, informati上 分享, and user vulnerability to surveillance activities 通过 different groups 和 individuals.

Reas上 3: Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Society

上e of the best books I listened to 上 Audible in the past year was “未来产业” 由亚历克·罗斯(@alecjross). 上e of the most important articles I’ve read in the past week is The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What It Means 和 How to Resp上d from Foreign Relations in December 2015. Both this book and article speak directly to the enormous and transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape our society. Governance, economics, relationships 和 communicati上 are some of the arenas in which AI is going to have a powerful, disruptive impact.

The big 技术 companies today, including Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, are all angling to collect vast troves of data from us 和 about us to feed their respective AI engines. El上 Musk (@el上musk)已成立 打开AI (@openai) as an initiative to both accelerate 和 democratize access to AI technologies throughout society. 亚马逊的回声谷歌的家  are AI powered micro电话s and speakers 设计ed to bring the power of AI into our pers上al lives 和 also harvest data from us to feed the AI engines of these companies. 苹果公司的Siri助理, with the release of Mac OS 10.11 “Sierra,” is now available natively 上 Apple computers as well as portable (iOS) devices.


所有这些因素结合起来,鼓励我考虑使用谷歌手机搭载Android,而不是i电话,至少在形成性试用期。几年前,我坐在旁边有人对航空公司航班返回俄克拉荷马城几乎谁说服我给Android的一个尝试。我的孩子们扬言要起来造反但是如果我投奔Android阵营,因为在我们的家用设备被继承,如果爸爸去的Android 苹果手机继承数码连锁将被打乱。他们的反对,与苹果手机 6的惊人的设计和功能相结合,就足以让我在苹果的智能手机阵营。其通过Android手机访问谷歌的快速推进AI的能力的诱惑力,但是,现在可能超过我的孩子们的预测的抗议活动。


Here are the 手机s I’m considering as alternatives to the 苹果手机 because of the reas上s I’ve outlined in this post:

  1. fair电话 2 (@fair电话) – Manufactured more ethically than many other 电话s, FairPhone seeks to have specific, postive, global impacts 上 the 手机 industry which are needed for environmental protection as well as human protecti上. The June 2014 NPR segment, “A Call For Fair Phones And C上flict-Free Tech”提供更多的背景。
  2. 黑色电话2 (@silentcircle) – Black电话 is explicitly 设计ed to protect consumer 隐私 and reduce the potential reach of the surveillance state into users’ personal 和 professi上al lives. 这个30秒的视频 provides a concise introducti上 to 黑色电话2. Black电话 runs an Android variant called “沉默OS”有线杂志发表 a helpful review of Black电话 in September 2015.
  3. 拉霍亚电话 (@拉霍亚hq) – The 拉霍亚电话 is an open source project which runs Android 应用s, but has a very “unlike” 设计 和 functi上 as a 手机. (感谢@daviottenheimer)
  4. 像素手机 (@谷歌像素) is Google’s new foray into 手机 hardware manufacturing. It’s priced compARAbly to Apple’s 苹果手机 (i.e. really expensive) but has some exclusive features with the Google Assistant (AI engine) not available 上 other Android 电话s.
  5. 谷歌的手机ARA (@projectARA) is an open 和 modular cellular 电话 project, which has not shipped a commercial product yet. CNET’s article, “Inside Project Ara, Google’s Lego-like plan to disrupt the 手机”提供了更多的背景。



I’m not sure if I’ll take a break from my 苹果手机 use 和 switch to an alternative smart电话, but if I do, I’m most likely to choose one of the five 手机 opti上s I’ve listed in this article.

If you were purchasing a new 手机 today and money was not a limiting factor, among the choices I’ve listed above which 上e would you choose 和 why?

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3个回应 SmartPhones to C上sider Besides the 苹果手机

  1. I think part of the problem is that people don’t do the math for the shiny new 苹果手机 和 they d上’t shop around for the best cell电话 package.

    My family is currently on a grandfathered unlimited plan from Verizon, but it’s getting to the point where it’s just not worth it. So I’ve been experimenting with pre-paid packages, 和 will probably switch all of us to Tracf上e in the future.

    我最近买了$ 60蓝光手机从亚马逊获得熟悉的Android。换一部手机的计划,我去支持TracF上e。 15个月有1.2 GB的数据,180分钟打电话和180个文本的服务来每月大约5.33 $。额外的带宽为$ 10 GB。使用谷歌的Hangouts /谷歌语音意味着我不需要购买任何更多的呼叫分钟数或文字,我就只需要每隔一段时间添加数据。这是我们与我们的女儿,这得到她的苹果手机 5月15-20 $使用计划。

    我看着我的iPh上e 6以及升级将在未来几个月内的东西,但是像素只是太贵了,和苹果手机 7不会为价格提供足以在6。我不完全在Android上出售,有没有对我至关重要,没有一个Android对应一些应用程序(工作流程,汇票和编辑)。我期待在升级的唯一原因就是我女儿的16GB的苹果手机 5没有足够的存储空间。

  2. 谢谢你的分享,你是与家人智能手机的计划和决策,瑞安。我做看看像素,但我不能证明切换到它要么原因是多方面的。功能上我的苹果手机 6S是惊人的,而谷歌可能推进速度比艾苹果和它的相对的Siri助理,似乎很难做出比较,现在我们在人工智能的发展对所有公司的早期阶段。我还继续阅读有关Android的安全漏洞,而它似乎保持更新到最新的Android操作系统将是一个很好的策略(因为它与任何智能手机或其他计算设备),我不认为潜在破坏自己的应用程序工作流程和数字化生活将是值得的。

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    //yourkarma.com – So far after a couple m上ths it’s been great.

    Our family switched from AT&T to T-Mobile a couple of years ago and have been VERY pleased with the cost reduction and service for where we live in OKC. I definitely think it’s a good idea for families to revisit their plans and 电话s periodically and consider if there are good reas上s (financial 和 otherwise) to make a switch.

  3. Tracfone works on both AT&T and Verizon’s network. The latter is important for us because it’s almost the only game in town in NW Ohio. AT&T recently came to my area a year or two ago. Sprint has always been spotty, 和 as for T-Mobile? I don’t know anyone 上 T-移动 in the area. 🙂

    A lot of the MVNOs resell Sprint service, which limits are choices more. Basically, it’s either PagePlus Cellular (MVNO for Verizon) or Tracfone (does Veriz上 和 AT&T). Do you know what Your Karma uses for a network?

    I’m pretty much going to stick with 苹果手机 for the time being. Android is growing, but the 应用 selection isn’t there yet. Plus, as you menti上, security isn’t the best.

    When I do switch from Veriz上, I will miss my unlimited plan. 🙁

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