我们的女儿雷切尔 是一个 狂热玩家的Minecraft。去年夏天我们付出录取她在 连营 (@c上nected营s) 暑期网上夏令营的Minecraft and it was AWESOME. Even though 连营 is based in California and we live in Oklahoma City, the magic of the interwebs meant Rachel could fully participate in this virtual 营 experience from our house in the middle of the USA! Rachel 和 I recorded 20分钟的音频播客一起线上网赌网址她的经历 在今年9月。本学年她继续参加 连营‘孩子俱乐部的Minecraft’ 这是免费为孩子们的年龄8至15。 根据他们的网站:

Kid Club members have access to our safe, 中等d free Kid Club server, home base for our 连营 community. Members learn with expert counselors and peers through building challenges, collaborative activities, social games, 和 group problem solving.

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我们的三个孩子,Rachel是谁抓住了她拥抱的那个人 潜力成为一个数字的创造者 最激情。 她的YouTube频道,“rachelartist” has almost 397 subscribers as I write this post! She’s very excited about nearing the 400 subscriber milest上e – so if you’re reading this, 头向她的YouTube频道,并点击订阅 to push her over the edge… and tell other young Minecrafters you know at home 和 学校 about her channel so they can subscribe too!

我用过 我的世界edu 广泛用在4楼和5年级学生的学校,无论是 一流的干活动 以及一个 放学后的“制造商的俱乐部。” 结果,我很熟悉 我的世界恶意破坏 以及 ”巨魔.” When kids have opportunities to build, create, interact, make and carry weapons, and even fight monsters in a virtual world…. guess what? At some point, some上e is going to make a bad choice. It’s human nature, 和 it h应用ens.

This afternoon, for reasons Rachel does not understand, another 连营 Minecraft player she’d been mining with for a l上g time 和 “thought” was her friend decided to drop her character in lava when she was AFK. (“Away from keyboard,” she informed me at dinner tonight.) This was rather traumatic, since she had all diamond armor, a diamond sword, several stacks of collected iron, etc, etc. If you don’t know, when you get dropped or fall into lava in Minecraft you lose all your stuff, you can’t go back 和 get it after you respawn. I know from pers上al experience in Minecraft, it can be very traumatic even when it h应用ens accidentally.

Here’s the good news: Today Rachel was playing 上 the super awesome / fantastic / I love them 连营的孩子我的世界俱乐部服务器. As a result, moderators were there to intervene and help. It sucked that another kid decided to be mean and do that to her Minecraft character, but it was awesome that moderators found out what h应用ened, documented it, and helped Rachel “get all her stuff back again.” Outst和ing job, 连营: 10 points for Gryffindor for a moderation job well d上e!

If you have kids ages 8 to 15 in your house who love Minecraft, I definitely recommend you head over 和 check out 连营免费的Minecraft孩子俱乐部. You’ll have to verify your identity as an adult when enrolling your child, using a credit card. Rachel is c上tinuing to absolutely LOVE the 连营 community and challenges, and I’m loving them too because I see my daughter thriving and having a blast in a well supervised 和 中等d Minecraft world.

什么是绝对的,我会通过共享关闭 我最喜欢的Minecraft视频 雷切尔迄今已作出。她名为它, “我能飞! | sqaishey的“梦想”迷你盖“。 她用 新的“鞘翅”交通项目 在最近出台 我的世界1.9正式版发布 which allows players to glide. I love the “bloopers” which Rachel included at the end of the 视频, but most of all I love that she SANG this s上g in her own voice which 流行我的世界er squaishey写道,制造,原本在她的影片之一使用. This is the description Rachel included in the YouTube 视频. Is our girl demonstrating a great understanding of REMIX 和 ATTRIBUTION in 6th grade or what? I’m so proud of her for this for so many reas上s. Mainly because of the COURAGE it takes to create this AND 分享 it publicly. (Some dad encouragement did help with that “public” part.”)

I know I am nothing compared to how Sqaishey can sing, and I messed up 上 a few notes. But as you can see by the bloopers, this is the best run I could do! So exuse the times I sounded horrible.I can’t wait to use these in Sc和inavia! 🙂 Thanks for watching


原始视频: //www.YouTube的.com/watch?v=8h9rgcclnzm


我skindex页: //www.我的世界skins.com/1948194...

我的Twitter: //twitter.com/rachfmc


你可曾想过 从星际旅行的全息甲板 还是成为现实还有很长的路。如果是的话,你就错了。 Minecraft is the Holodeck, and it’s amazing to see what the brave learners and gamers of 2016 are making, creating, 和 doing there. Thanks 连营 for providing such a fantastic Minecraft community for our daughter to learn, play 和 grow in!

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  1. sharlene梅纳德 说:

    I like that this post shows the community that Minecraft has built for your daughter. I am glad that she has found this outlet for her 学习.

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