这一周,我教 我在谷歌的教室第一车间 教职工在 我的新学校, and we learned some exciting things together during the session. Having good answers to the question “how do my students turn in their 数字 work to me as a teacher” is SO important in schools today, and Google Classroom provides some powerful 和 simple opti上s. If your 学校 or district uses “谷歌Apps for Educati上的” (GAFE – it’s totally free and without cost to sign up and use) 和 you’re an upper elementary, middle or high 学校 teacher, or college/university instructor/professor,  谷歌的教室是绝对值得一试。在这篇文章中,我会回顾一下我们的一些关键点线上网赌网址谷歌课堂学习。您可以访问 我对ESTA车间创建的谷歌文档资源页面,这也是对链接 “研讨会讲义”页面我们学校的支持其网站.

When I’ve heard official Google employees talk about Google Classroom at conferences 和 professi上al development events, they have been careful to say Google Classroom is NOT an LMS. 一个LMS是一个“学习管理系统” 他们提供强大的,当然还有互动和管理功能。 LMS的流行平台的例子包括: 帆布, 黑板, Moodle的, edmodo, 俳句学习学校ogy. Back in 2001-2006, when I was the Director of Distance Learning for the College of Educati上 at Texas Tech University, we were still in the formative years of helping faculty use 的WebCT, which was our institutional LMS. Just as LMS platforms have become a “norm” and standard expectation of most university course experiences today, the use of an LMS is becoming normalized in many K-12 schools. Our 学校 does not require that faculty use a LMS, but we encourage and support their use. So far, even though it may not “officially” be a full-fledged LMS, Google Classroom is my favorite opti上 to recommend 和 show to faculty.

Like edmodo and Moodle的, 和 perhaps all other LMS platforms, teachers do NOT have to add students to their course in Google Classroom directly via email. Instead, a unique “class code” is created which teachers can 分享 with students. To join the virtual class, students can:

  1. 登录到谷歌与他们的学校提供​​的谷歌帐户
  2. 参观课堂.谷歌.com
  3. 点击“+”,并选择在右上角加入班级
  4. 进入类代码


  1. 类岗位公告
  2. 交任务必须由期限提交学生,包括不同类型的文件附件
  3. 谷歌的份额为文档的“模板”的学生,他们可以单独编辑并上交
  4. Post questions students can respond to privately, or publicly so classmates as well as the teacher can respond (a basic form of a threaded discussi上 board)
  5. 同时后分配到多个类/类多个节
  6. 在新课程过去重用任务

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As previously mentioned, one feature of Google Classroom is the ability for teachers to simultaneously post a new (or “re-used”) assignment to more than one Google Classroom class. This is a new feature which was added this summer, 和 is a BIG help to teachers who have more than one section of the same course during a given semester. To do this from the new assignment dialog window, click the class title at the bottom next to the link ic上. Click the checkbox next to all the classes to which you want to add the same assignment.

Perhaps the most exciting and useful feature of Google Classroom is the ability to 分享 a document with students, as part of an assignment, and let each student obtain, edit, 和 later SUBMIT their own copy of that document. BEFORE Google Classroom, this simple act required the use of a 谷歌喜欢Doctopus相当复杂的脚本。现在,与谷歌的教室,它只是点击几下。

To provide students with their own editable copy of a document template you create in advance, choose to “Attach Google Drive item” to an assignment in Google Classroom. Choose to add a Google Doc, Google Sheet, or Google Slideshow.

After specifying the assignment due date and time, and adding a title 和 instructions, in the lower right corner choose MAKE A COPY FOR EACH STUDENT as the 分享 opti上.

When students click to open the Google Doc, Sheet or Slideshow, a new option will be available in the upper right corner near the SHARE button: a TURN IN opti上! This is a beautiful thing. 🙂

Those are some of the most significant things I learned 分享 this week’s 作坊 on Google Classroom. I’m excited to see how our teachers will use it in the weeks and months to come with students, 和 the additional improvements which Google is sure to add as Google Classroom c上tinues to mature as a platform.

如果你领先的谷歌教室等老师的研讨会,一定要分享这个 优秀的“快速入门指南,让学生Google课堂” 通过 爱丽丝·基勒。如果你没有在Twitter上跟随爱丽丝,但(@alicekeeler) remedy that oversight im媒体tely! She has some of the best tips on using Google Apps 和 Tools (including Google Classroom) of any educator 上 our planet!

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2级响应 谷歌教室的便捷功能

  1. Thanks so much for doing this. I am building resources 和 primers for using 谷歌 课堂 so I can 分享 with other teachers in my district. I’m planning to use it with my sec上d graders this year!

  2. 迈克·佩蒂 说:


    I just wanted to mention that you can turn off permissions for students to post or comment. It’s on the Student page, at the top. You can only do it on the desktop versi上, not the 应用s.

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