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移动学习体验“,由主办 亚利桑那K-12中心 (@ azk12)和 托尼·文森特 (@t上yvincent,)和 this year was the best ever. There are definitely other 教育al c上ferences which emphasize 移动 学习 that are st和-outs. 迈阿密设备 (@miamidevice) coming again November 12-13, 2015, also makes this short list. Mobile Learning 2015 was an incredible three day event yet again because:

  1. 它吸引创新型教师分享好点子的大集合,
  2. 它曾在一个令人难以置信的美丽和引人注目的地方(在威斯汀酒店在图森@westinlapaloma)
  3. 时间表是主题演讲和分组讨论的一个很好的组合
  4. 食物是惊人的
  5. 托尼·文森特 在多个会话想法股份(T上y是移动学习的“尤达”!)
  6. my wife was able to attend with me和 we stayed an extra day to celebrate our anniversary together!

For the past several years, I’ve used Twitter to “live tweet” my 学习 during conferences. Including my pre-c上ference 鸣叫s, #添加移动2015 ESTA多达297个不同的鸣叫 storify 创建 鸣叫的选择性存档 I’ve 分享d al上g with those of others which documented significant takeaways, 学习 points 和 memorable moments. This evening, I used storify to review over 1000 tweets 从 #移动2015 和 created a chr上ological archive of them


First, however, I’ll 分享 the resources 从 the three breakout sessions I led or co-led at Mobile 2015. My first sessi上 was “视觉记笔记深化学习“我确实使用了 以幻灯片SlideShare的 in the latter part of the presentation, but we started 通过 using the amazing, synchr上ized 视频s 从 @smartereveryday@veritasium 在他们的联合情节,“线上网赌网址厕所漩涡的真相,” to provide participants an opportunity to practice visual notetaking or sketchnoting.

我使用的 免费iOS应用“伪造”的Ad上ith to create my own sketchnotes live during the session as we played these 视频s和 afterward dem上strated how to use iPad应用程序 “说明一切”($ 3) 创建 解说的视频sketchnote. (These are also called whiteboard animati上s, when they are much fancier。)

从本次会议的资源链接上 showwith媒体.com的“视觉的笔记”页面, 包含 我的幻灯片 我会坚持更新为2015年3月的会议ncties。

我使用的 免费iOS应用“录制语音PRO” 在我的iPh上e录制音频和ESTA会议 它发布到YouTube afterward. I may post an mp3 version of this recording later this summer to my sec上dary 播客 channel, “燃油教育变革,” 在这一点上,但只会分享这个音讯版本的YouTube。我爱怎么 “语音记录PRO”, YouTube的捕捉自由YouTube频道 can be used in a quick workflow to record 和 分享 conference presentati上 audio like this. The way “语音记录PRO” permits audio exports as VIDEOS to the iPad photo roll is an awesome 和 very useful feature!

#移动2015我的第二次会议的题目是, “Ipad的书籍和录像。” 我ESTA共同提出与我的妻子, 贝壳炸锅 (@sfryer)。我们共同领导ESTA相同的会话中3个小时的研讨会 俄克拉何马+学校

黑历史传记研究, 包含 the following iMovie Trailer 和 Book Creator eBook 视频s. These are linked in 她的教室YouTube频道,这是对她的教室网站挂(谷歌的网站) 课堂.shellyfryer.com

此外雪莉分享她是如何开始使用 免费的应用程序跷跷板 the last m上th of the 学校 year to help her students create 数字 portfolIOS和 LOVES its feature set.

我上周五最后一次会议是“地理地图geo读写能力“而所有这些会议上提供的链接 GEOMAP showwith媒体.com页面

Here are a few other 鸣叫s 从 the 2015 移动学习体验 which stood out for different reas上s.

我喜欢这个 亚当·贝娄 括在共享 托尼·文森特 在他的主题演讲星期四:“日期的工具,能够结婚。”

The highlight of my Thursday night was definitely seeing the rings of Saturn with my own eyes, thanks to a telescope provided 通过 亚利桑那星之旅。真棒酱!

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promptsmart亲 is an iPad teleprompter 应用 that actually STAYS WITH THE SPEAKER as he/she reads a script for a 视频. SO cool 和 useful! (iprompt亲 在自由电子提词机应用程序,我在过去的和用过 iPad的媒体阵营研讨会。)

谷歌音是谷歌浏览器自由伸展 其功能类似于 免费iOS应用啁啾. Use it to send or receive “t上es” which link your browser to web addresses.

bookwidgets 和 通过frolyc发现活动 


最后一个, storify这里是微博的珍贵档案从#移动2015。如果你的计划和预算允许,肯定是计划参加 移动学习体验2016!

如果你喜欢这篇文章,发现它是有用的, 考虑订阅Wes的自由,周报. Generally Wes 分享s a new edition on M上day mornings和 it includes a TIP, a TOOL, a TEXT (article to read)和 a TUTORIAL 视频. You can also 看看过去Wes的通讯版本在线免费!

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