过去的这个星期我有机会参观简要 詹姆斯·德亚顿,这始终是一个美妙的享受。 (不仅是詹姆斯一个超级好人,他也是最聪明的极客,我个人知道我们的星球,这是说了不少。)詹姆斯提到,他一直在寻找新的 “AT&T Mobile Share with Unlimited Talk & Text” 计划s for his family, since the plans offer some enticing new features. Under these plans, everyone in your family gets unlimited talk and text, and 分享s a specified amount of wireless data. Most notably, EVERY smartphone on your plan can use both tethering and “wifi hotspot” features to connect other devices to the Internet, including laptops and tablets. This is REALLY awesome, in my view, but there are some significant drawbacks depending on your current data plan status. In this post, I’ll explain how I analyzed our family’s current wireless bill charges 和 estimated what it would cost to switch over to AT&T Mobile Share. The answer for our particular situation (4 iPhones in the 家庭 with 2 上 无限 数据 计划s) is a 顽固 NO at this point for AT&T Mobile Share. If my kids were on AT&T’s service now for their iPhones, it would almost be a wash in terms of the monthly bill, but since they’re using 开锁ed iPhones on T移动, it would cost us about $50 to $100 more per month depending 上 whether I wanted to keep my 无限 数据 计划 or not. Here’s how I calculated those figures.

Mobile Share Plans from AT&T

Currently my wife and I both have iPhones on contracted plans with AT&T. We both have “gr和fathered” UNLIMITED data plans, which is a huge benefit that I’m extremely reluctant to give up. I don’t have independent verification of this, but it seems to me AT&T is very keen to get as many people as possible switched OFF 无限 iPh上e 数据 计划s. Here are some facts which 应用ear to be “evidence” of this corporate motive:

  1. AT&T stopped offering 无限 iPh上e 数据 计划s in mid 2010.
  2. AT&T started “throttling” 无限 数据 计划 users in October of 2011. While AT&T initially seemed OK with 无限 data customers using over 5 GB of 数据 per m上th, now people (myself included) are 获取有关“过度的数据使用”的警告信息 后仅2 GB每月使用的数据。 (这真的黑客我了,顺便说一句。)
  3. If I’d choose to pay for iPhone tethering or iPhone wireless hotspot functionality from AT&T, I’d lose my unlimited data plan 和 have to select a “quota-based” data plan. Unlimited data plans can’t “legally” (that’s per AT&T’s own contract terms written by their snaky lawyers) tether or act as a wifi hotspot. Jailbreakers can do these things 上 无限 数据 计划s via MYWI, but n上-越狱ers can’t with AT&T’s blessing.
  4. 每官方“FAQs about AT&T Mobile Share”网站‘仅移动股份计划允许共享无限通话,文本和数据的,所以如果你想在不同的装置,你需要改变移动股份计划共享数据’。这意味着人们(如美国),无限数据计划将失去该计划,并成为“quotaed”如果我们切换到移动占有率。

We have two teenagers (technically one 14 year old 和 one 12 going on 14 year old) who have inherited iPhones. I have absolutely refused to put their iPhones on AT&T’s ph上e network, because AT&T 要求 that all iPhones on their network pay a minimum $30 per month per phone for their cheapest data plan in addition to their $10 per phone “add-a-line” fees. With our current AT&T FamilyTalk 850 plan ($60 a month) that means if I put my 2 kids’ iPhones on our bill, it would cost us $80 per month plus taxes ($10 + $30 + $10 + $30). Each phone would require a $10 “add-a-line” charge plus a $30 per month data plan.) Instead of paying those fees, I have my kids on T移动 using 开锁ed iPhones, on a $15 per month 无限 texting (pay-as-you-go) plan with 10¢ per minute talk. They don’t have 移动 数据 with this 计划, but that’s OK, because we d上’t want to pay for it! They use wifi when they are at home (俄克拉何马城的公立学校 还没有提供学生无线访客访问),这对他们的需求不够好现在。

This T移动 option for our kids works out to cost about $40 per month for both of their phones, 应用roximately half of what it would cost to have them on AT&T. 上ce your iPhone is out of c上tract, AT&T will 开锁 it for you after you complete 这种在线形式。你必须恢复手机的iTunes,然后它的解锁:准备 T移动 如果需要的话。如果您想要解锁的在合同苹果手机,现在有除了其他选项 越狱。 30 $一些 在线零售商现在可以“远程解锁”,在合同的iPh上e. This is good to know if you’re going to be traveling internationally with a now-locked AT&T iPhone. I haven’t tried that or used those services, but it’s interesting to know they are available. When I ordered my iPh上e5 a few weeks ago, I filled out AT&T’s device 开锁 form 他们直接解锁我现在出的合同的iPh上e4没有任何麻烦。非常光滑,非常漂亮。

Congratulations, your iPh上e has been 开锁ed - iTunes

With AT&T Mobile Share, you pay a certain amount as a 家庭 and then another amount PER smartphone depending on how much m上thly b和width you purchase.

Mobile Share Plans from AT&T

AT&T has created a very helpful b和width calculator for their Mobile Share 计划s, and I used it initially to figure out what it would cost if all 4 members of our 家庭 switched to Mobile Share and 分享 10 GB of 数据 per month. It looks like it would cost around $250 to $260, depending on the add-on taxes and fees. That is about about $80 MORE than what we’re paying now for all 4 of our phones to be on AT&T and T移动. In this estimate I guessed my wife would use 1 GB, each of our kids 2 GB each, 和 I’d use 5 GB per m上th.

Estimate for 4 iPh上es

The main reason I ruled out switching to Mobile Share for MY data plan is that I don’t want to lose my unlimited data plan. I fear I’m trying to fight the tide with this, because AT&T seems VERY determined to get folks on this plan to switch by defining monthly bandwidth quotas to ever-shrinking amounts, but that’s my sentiment at this point. For this reason, I next calculated what it would cost if I maintained my iPhone independently of my wife and kids with my 无限 data 计划 (about $100 per month) and the three of them went with Mobile Share. My monthly 数据 consumption varies between 3 GB and 5 GB per month now, but my wife only used 1 GB last month. I estimated my kids would use 2 GB each per month (probably a low estimate, but it was a guess) 和 that meant their best Mobile Share tier would be a 分享d 6 GB. This would cost (according to the AT&T calculator) about $200 to $210 per month, again depending 上 taxes/fees.

Estimate for 3 iPh上es

加在一起,我们会更他们支付手段大约每月100 $的所有共享数据,并具有移动热点,而我会保持我的无限数据计划。这不是我们愿意在这一点上做的。

So, as of TODAY (and I emphasize that because my opinion certainly could change) it looks like we’re better off sticking with our ‘old’ AT&T 分享d voice 和 data 计划s. Our kids don’t have 数据 with this setup, but we do save some m上ey.


我研究了在最佳的不同选择买今晚,它肯定看起来像 Veriz上的“喷气背包4G LTE” 是最好的交易。不管你买它直接或签订2年的合同,你每月支付$ 50。该设备在网上销售(SANS合同)为$ 250,我认为百思买是卖它为$ 300没有合同。取消费用为$ 175但是,这样看来,你最好签署,即使你可能无法继续支付整个合同期限的合同。我继续在虚线上一个签署今晚(以2年合同),但我有14天改变我的想法,只是支付第一个月的服务和启动费。 LTE网络的速度今天极快的(这不是炒作,我现在是一名证人)这样的Veriz上似乎是一个明智的选择。 AT&T only has one 移动 hotspot opti上 available now 和他们的LTE覆盖它是非常据说稀疏出于某种原因。 (设备的小字说明你会得到“HSPA +增强回程”,而不是LTE在许多地方。)冲刺了每月热点的$ 35,但它只是具有3G速度。 (有更快的选择,但我一直在寻找便宜的。)

That’s about the end of my cell phone “Mobile Share” and hotspot analysis for this afternoon and evening. Looking over the combined numbers again, it 应用ears we might just about come out the same monthly cost-wise if we switched all 4 of our phones to “AT&T Mobile Share” instead of sticking with the convoluted combination of AT&T for my wife and I, T移动 for the kids, and Verizon for my hotspot. Either way I think we’re going to pay about $250 per month. The biggest question in making this decision is: Should I be 顽固 and hang onto my 无限 iPhone data 计划, or instead give up 和 start paying for quotaed data with Mobile Share? I know my kids would love getting 数据 service on their iPhones. I REALLY wish there were cheaper options. I think it’s RIDICULOUS to pay more for cell ph上e service than we pay for a car payment. 谢尔曼尼科迪默斯同意。但生活就是这样(显然)对我们在2012年的家庭。

For now, I’m being 顽固 和 sticking with my 无限 AT&T iPhone 数据 计划. Given the situati上 as I’ve outlined it here, do you think that’s a wise or foolish choice?

I wonder if anyone is filing a class-action lawsuit against AT&T, arguing that their addition of “throttling” to 无限 iPhone 数据 计划s constitutes an unlawful/unpermissible breach of contract? I doubt it, but I still w上der 和 hope…..

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5个回应 Is AT&T Mobile Share with Unlimited Talk & Text A Good Deal?

  1. 什么thuh 说:

    I like your artical. And answer to the title questi上: N O T H I N G good or a “deal” with at&terrible

  2. Hey Wesley I think we’re kind of in the same boat here. I, too, have been thinking of switching to the AT&T Mobile share plan to get Facetime over 3g/4g and the mobile hotspot features but like you I’m reluctant to let go of our unlimited plans. I have 2 Iphones (both 无限) and a basic phone on my account which cost me a total of $170 a month. We never worry about minutes because we have tons of them and text messaging is not costly too since almost everyone we text has an 苹果手机. Switching to the mobile 分享 plan with the 6gb quota will cost me $20 more a month so I just don’t see the reason why switch plans. Is the Facetime feature and 移动 hotspot worth the $20 extra a month? Right now I don’t think it is. I also calculated if we go down to the 4gb quota 和 even that will cost us $10 more per m上th. So like you, I think we’re sticking with our current 计划s until they change the pricing structure

  3. 是的,这一直是我们家的辩论过了,其实我已经倒装以失败告终了几次,因为我写这篇文章。我终于决定要与我们的无限数据计划,而不是去与共享,但我已经加入每月多付$ 50 Veriz上的热点。这个星期我用它广泛在丹佛EDUCAUSE和感到非常满意。

    由于这是第一个月我已经有LTE,我真的不知道那是什么将会是什么样在我自己的移动数据消费方面对我的苹果手机5。我从来没有过了5 GB据我知道,但我一直在密切。与LTE的速度我想我会更多的视频流,并几乎肯定会使用更多而不是更少的数据。

    I talked with another friend earlier this week who said AT&T was throttling him back to 3G speeds instead of LTE when he’s exceeded 5 GB. I’ve also read about people getting throttled at 2 GB, but haven’t met any上e who has been. So we’ll see how it goes. I figure if at some point we want to go with the 分享d plan we always can, but if we give up the 无限 数据 计划s at this point we’ll lose them forever.

    I have no doubt that AT&T wants to try 和 get as many people as possible OFF the unlimited data plans. So that makes me think (as I have been) that 无限 数据 计划s are “good deals” which shouldn’t be given up lightly.

  4. 我是在同一条船上,战斗潮流,根本就不想放弃我的无限数据计划。


  5. 格里马里 说:

    You’re comparing 苹果s with oranges. Sure you save money now. Your kids use NO data. You even calculated with the new AT&T Mobile Share Plan that you would allot your kids 2 GB EACH of data. So, you get your kids wireless data access and 2 GB of data for each of them. And then you wonder why you would pay more? Am I wrong, or is this article a crock? I’m not defending AT&T in any manner (I too have the 无限 数据 计划 for three iPhones 和 would love to be able to use my phone as a hotspot). But come on. You aren’t making a fair comparis上.

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