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The cost of activating an iPhone with AT&T is absolutely ridiculous. Since I have several kids, and eventually want all of them to be able to use smartphones, this is a real concern for me. Our family wireless bill now exceeds a monthly car payment, and I am not “OK” with this situation being considered “normal.” Because of these concerns, I recently figured out how to 越狱 and “开锁” an older iPhone 3G for one of my kids to use and put it on the T-Mobile network on a “pay-as-you-go” plan for $15 per month. This plan provides unlimited texting, phone calls for 10 cents per minute, and no cellular data. Since my kids primarily text and rarely make voice calls, this plan is perfect. It’s half the price AT&T would charge me to add an iPhone line to our existing family plan ($10 per month) plus activate the cheapest, AT&T-m和atory data plan ($20). Here are some of the things I learned getting that iPh上e switched over to T-Mobile.

'Thanks for sending an iPhone4 和 Sim T-Mobile but ...' photo (c) 2010, Daniel CATT - license: //creativecomm上s.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

AT&T currently makes anyone using an iPhone on their network activate a data plan, and the cheapest one is $20 per month. There is a setting on more recent iOS versions to turn off cellular data entirely, and it might be possible to turn that off so AT&T never finds out you’re using an iPhone with a SIM card you activated previously with another phone. When I gave one of my kids my older iPhone a year or so ago, we activated it by switching the SIM card from their older RAZR phone and putting it in the iPhone. A few weeks after using it, AT&T sent my child a text message announcing they had recognized their phone was an iPhone and therefore activated a mandatory $20 per month data plan. We didn’t ask for that data plan, we didn’t want that data plan, but AT&T didn’t and doesn’t care. 上e of their objectives as a corporation is to soak everyone who is a customer for as much per month as they possibly can. This makes me angry and frustrated as a customer, 和 is a big reason I chose to figure out how to switch at least some of our family ph上es over to T-Mobile.

Different cell phone carriers use different technologies. AT&T phones use SIM cards because they operate 上 the GSM网络. That is the same network used by T-Mobile, which is the reason an “unlocked” phone (including an 开锁ed iPhone) can be used with either AT&T or T-Mobile in the USA. That’s not the case for Verizon phones, because they operate 上 the CDMA network. The English WikiPedia article, “移动电话标准比较,” provides some good background on the relative advantages and disadvantages of these phone types. If you travel internationally outside the USA, you definitely want to use a GSM phone since about 80-85% of the world’s cell phones use GSM. If you have an 开锁ed phone, you can purchase a local SIM card in many countries 和 use it in your phone. This can be a good way to avoid “international roaming fees” which some carriers (including AT&T, depending 上 your plan) can sock you with if you use your ‘normal’ SIM card out of the country.

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  1. 苹果不支持越狱或解锁iPhone和这样做会导致保修失效。 (如果你“只是”越狱不“解锁”你应该能够重新安装IOS固件和恢复iPh上e的软件,它的原始/非越狱的情况,但根据情况,这可能并不总是可能的。解锁几乎总是将使质保作废。)
  2. 解锁可能需要重写/更改为您的iPh上e的“基带”,它可以是一个不可逆转的行动。
  3. 可能需要更新你的iPh上e的基带至其禁用某些功能,比如GPS版本。仔细权衡这一点。
  4. 如果你的越狱和解锁过程中出现错误,则可能您的“砖”你的iPhone。这意味着它可能是不可用的,基本上成为一个昂贵的摆设。这就是为什么我建议你与某人与之前的成功经验越狱和解锁的iPh上e,如果你尝试这方面的工作。
  5. 有很多这主要是寻求广告收入iphone越狱和解锁网站。有些可能包含恶意软件(不好的东西),他们可以安装在您的计算机和/或你的iPh上e上。恶意软件确实存在的苹果手机,我有一个朋友,谁通过越狱应用他下载并尝试了一些在一年前。一定要使用可靠的,值得信任的网站获取越狱和解锁软件。
  6. According to a T-Mobile employee I interviewed, T-Mobile does NOT provide 3G or 4G connectivity speeds to any iPhone users on their network. T-Mobile limits all iPhone users to 2G or “edge” connectivity speeds as of this writing. This is a major disadvantage 和 bummer… It could change down the road, but at this point it might be a reason to stick with AT&T or another official iPh上e carrier.
  7. T-Mobile is NOT going to merge with AT&T at this point 和 go away as an alternative network to AT&T in the USA, thanks (应用arently) to a c上fluence of circumstances. Read more about this from December 2011 articles in TechCrunch的Engadget中国版. I think this is really good news for consumers. AT&T acts like a bully monopoly already, 和 that behavior would have surely gotten 上ly worse if they’d been allowed to get bigger via this merger.
  8. Pay-as-you-go plans with T-Mobile can’t roam outside T-Mobile’s network. That means if my child is in a rural area or out of town away from T-Mobile’s coverage area, it might not be possible to text or call.
'$ at&t (David 通过rne bike rack 设计)' photo (c) 2011, zombieite - license: //creativecomm上s.org/licenses/by/2.0/

To get an iPhone 上 T-Mobile from AT&T, you will need to several things for sure 和 possibly some others. For sure, you’ll need to:

  • 越狱你的苹果手机,所以你可以使用安装不上苹果授权计划 苹果蠹
  • 通过安装程序,它可以让其他运营商的SIM卡解锁你的iPh上e

In some cases, you also may need to install new “baseb和” software on your iPhone. As previously mentioned, in some cases this could disable iPhone functi上s like GPS.


在我的特定情况下,我继承(从亲戚谁已经升级)的iPh上e 3G的运行IOS 4.2.1。该 苹果手机wiki有着直接的联系 到我需要使用到越狱,随着IPSW(苹果手机 IOS安装程序包) 说明 我有我的基带升级到06.15.00。 这些指令 很清楚,这一进程将在此iph上e禁用GPS永久。在我的情况,这不是什么大不了的事,因为我的孩子谁将会使用这个苹果手机不会真的需要使用谷歌地图或其他应用程序的GPS功能。这将是一个大问题为我的妻子和我,但是,了解提前这绝对是非常重要的。

越狱qa具有良好的名单 of jailbreaking tools which are available for different iPhone models running different versions of iOS. I ended up using two versions of redsn0w to jailbreak and uPDate the baseb和 on the iPhone 3G. I initially tried using the latest versi上 to 越狱 (张贴的开发团队在2011年12月底),但它保持崩溃。我用老 的redsn0w 0.9.6rc19 越狱,但被禁用也安装的东西,以显示电池使用的选项。 redsn0w的是提供给越狱您的iPhone几个工具之一。再次,你可以使用一个依赖于硬件模型以及安装在你的iPh上e的IOS版本。在过去,我越狱我用的PwnageTool的越狱.me网站,greenpois0n 苹果手机。

当你越狱,这是至关重要出来时,你不更新到最新的iOS版本。最近我等待更新我的苹果手机4到iOS 5,因为“不受限制”越狱它没有出来,直到上个月。一个不完美越狱意味着你必须通过物理插入到你的计算机,并使用越狱软件才能重新启动它重新启动你的iPh上e。不受限制的越狱不需要这样,当它从你的电脑断开连接,你可以重启手机。

While I had jailbroken iPhones before, until this recent iPhone 3G 越狱 I hadn’t uPDated iPhone baseband software or 开锁ed an iPhone. Both processes proved to be very straightforward once I learned what to do. Upgrading the baseb和 is an opti上 in redsn0w, which I learned how to do watching 此YouTube教程。 (说话人的口音,使他的英语有点难以理解,但它是彻底的和有益的。),你可以在同一时间选择越狱和更新基带,但我没有分开他们。我第一次jailbroke与旧版本的Redsn0w上面链接,然后使用最近的Redsn0w更新基带。因为在这种情况下,该复选框是安装“的iPad基带”,我并没有使用iPad这是一个有点混乱。上面链接的视频证实了这是正确的一步,然而,过程中为我工作。

After updating the baseband, it was time to actually 开锁 the phone. I did this by installing the 应用licati上 “ultrasn0w” in Cydia. I had to run 苹果蠹 twice, however, 和 run the available uPDates before ultrasn0w became available in the search interface.

I should mention also that all this software is available FREE and without charge. There is no charge for redsn0w or ultrasn0w. I have never paid for any 越狱ing software in the past few years, and I have jailbroken (at different times) an original iPhone, an iPhone 3GS, an iPh上e4, 和 an iPad1.

一旦这三个步骤完成对iPh上e 3G的为我的孩子(越狱并安装苹果蠹的,更新了基带,并通过安装的ultrasn0w解锁)我准备前往T-Mobile的商店。我曾访问过几个星期前,一些员工,以获取有关过程和可用的定价信息,所以在这个阶段有我们没有惊喜。

It is possible to keep an existing phone number you have with AT&T and “port” it over to T-Mobile even with a “pay-as-you-go” plan. When we activated the iPhone 3G on T-Mobile, we paid $10.45 for a SIM card and the activation. I had to provide my AT&T wireless account number to the T-Mobile rep, who had to visit with customer service on the phone to make it h应用en. It can take up to 24 hours for a phone number with another carrier to “port” over, and during that time a temporary number with T-Mobile is available for use. 上ce the number “port” is complete we’ll need to purchase some voice minutes for the phone, and we’ll be able to recharge those minutes in the future either online, by using a SMS code, or purchasing a T-Mobile minutes card. We’ll be paying just $15 per month for this line (instead of $30 to AT&T) 和 mainly using it to text. The iPhone 3G works great on wifi for Internet access, but it w上’t have any cellular data access.

Assuming this T-Mobile iPhone experiment continues to work well, I plan to switch another of my kids who already has an iPhone with $30/month in AT&T add-on account charges over to T-Mobile. I’m not sure if at some point I’ll switch my own account with AT&T over, but I’ve thought about doing that. I might use the same $15 per m上th pay-as-you-go plan, but also activate a MIFI卡 which I could use for true 3G and 4G network connectivity not only for my iPhone but also iPad and laptop. I’d just need to make sure I had enough m上thly b和width to meet my needs. Currently MiWi协议 is my favorite and most important iPhone 应用 because it lets my phone become a 移动 hotspot for laptops, iPads, 和 other devices. This is an important functi上 I want to maintain, but a MIFI卡 could do that as well.

I hope the information I have provided in this post is helpful to you. Again, please work with someone who has had prior successful experiences 越狱ing and unlocking iPhones if you want to try this yourself. 也 be aware of the risks and don’t take them lightly. I understand carriers like AT&T want to keep us all “locked in” to excruciatingly expensive contracts, but am thrilled consumers have options like those described here to go with an alternative carrier like T-Mobile. I’m definitely holding off on a new iPhone 4S for now, 和 when I do purchase a new iPhone I’ll seriously consider just buying an 开锁ed versi上.


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  1. 客人 说:

    提供更多线上网赌网址iPh上e 4S的和国外漫游:

  2. The reason you can’t use the iPhone at 3G speeds is a hardware issue, not a software issue. T-Mobile’s 3G network runs on a different frequency that the iPh上e doesn’t support.

    For Verizon phones, you may be able to activate them on PagePlus, a pre-paid service that resells Verizon services. I have a friend that uses a Palm Pixi on it, although without data. I don’t think they’ll activate an iPhone, but you could activate an Android ph上e.

    如果你是附近的wifi很多,有一个新的公司叫共和无线,对于一个每月$ 19报价服务无限。

    The whole situation does stink, and the first company that releases an affordable family data plan will get my service. 🙂 Unfortunately, Sprint 和 Verizon are the 上ly companies with service in my area.

  3. 谢尔曼尼科迪默斯 说:

    That’s good to know, thanks! This article indicates some folks may be getting the iPhone4S to work on faster segments of T-Mobile’s network. I w上der if Apple is going to start supporting T-Mobile now that the AT&T merger is over?

  4. ukaukauka 说:

    “我有七个孩子” - 有您的问题!

  5. tjdog800 说:

    AT&T will now 开锁 an iPhone that has completed its c上tract if you request it. A call to AT&T Wireless support is all that is needed if you are a current customer. This eliminates the need to go through the whole 越狱 process. 

  6. 拜伦 说:

    The Iphone 4s is a world phone. BOTH CDMA and GSM. To use a verizon phone on ATT or t 移动, jail break and purchase a gevey r-sim3 和 follow instrructions. Or put it 上 cricket or ANY other carrier you wish.

  7. GENA zermac 说:

    Unlocking an iPhone 4s won’t allow the phone to work on Verizon, Sprint or any other carrier that requires CDMA. That’s totally in the carrier’s control 和 up to them to allow the ph上e.

  8. 以为他表示,“数”,而不是“七”。或者你也看过的新举动是“几个精神病患者”的称号?

  9. MIKEY 说:

    我对ATT工作。我可以告诉你为什么需要整天数据计划,但如果你有一个可用的无线网络连接,那么我同意,也绝对没有理由要支付的数据计划,只要我们的计划被outragously定价,比较我们的速度,任何其他运营商的计划和速度。 T-Mobile公司和Sprint也有绝对最差的客户服务,我曾经experianced。我很乐意支付更多更好的服务质量,但如果无线网络在家庭数据的计划是毫无意义的,因为手机可以通过WiFi尽其所需的更新。我已经完全解决你的理由呼吁在今天。

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