播客发电机 is an open source content management soluti上 specifically customized for 播客.* Since it’s open source, it’s free but you need to have access to a webserver supporting PHP 脚本使用它。它允许用户使用浏览器直接网络上传的音频文件,并分享他们的播客中创建的RSS源/ 网络供稿 哪些人可以订阅。我一直在想给它一个几年一试,因为我了解它, ESTA学期的“电脑教室”课程 I’m teaching at the University of North Texas has provided a great opportunity to use it. The website 和 演讲cast channel I’ve created for my students this semester is available 上 CIC播客s.speedof创造力.org. In this post, I’ll briefly review the steps I took to create this site 和 start 分享 (mostly) unedited audio recordings from our classes this term.

UNT Computers in the Classroom - Fall 2010 (Audio Lecturecast Channel)

上学期我教“技术4名教师“ 在中央俄克拉荷马大学,并能 演讲casts制作视频 使用ustream.tv,blip.tv和其他工具。看到我的帖子,从2010年1月,“演讲casting小本与一台MacBook,USTREAM,camtwist,MPEG streamclip和blip.tv“这为进一步了解的过程。 ESTA学期,这是不实际的,我到录像我自己的类,但它是非常容易使用,以 电池供电的数字音频记录 对于个目的。我用我的(目前已停产) 索尼UX-71记录仪 对于这些记录,但 其他型号的在$ 50美元和 可以工作了。

我的录音机设定为记录在一个相对高 比特率 of 128 kbps. I could reduce this, but I’d rather not take a chance of making a recording at a low quality setting so I have kept it at that default. It’s NOT good to publish mp3 audio online for a 演讲cast with that high level of quality, however, because the file size is too big. This would make download times longer for students和 also (if this is a concern) consume more of your m上thly b和width quota with your web host. My 1.5 hour class recording is about 29 MB in size, uncompressed as it is recorded by my device.

29 MB at 128 kbps

有几个有办法来压缩音频文件,减少文件大小ITS。 iTunes的 你可以做到这一点,你可以添加播客节目的艺术以及其他 ID3标签 信息如果你使用它。 大胆 可以压缩文件太大,这可 QuickTime专业版。我使用的是免费的,跨平台的程序 开关 to make these audio compressi上s, however, because it’s free, fast and easy. I’ve found it’s possible to reduce the 比特率 to 16 kbps with 开关 和 still have passable audio quality.

MP3 Encoder Settings - 开关


Reduced size from 29 MB to 10 MB

The speed of the conversion will depend not only on your original file size 和 settings, but also the speed of your computer. My three year old Macbook Pro does this conversi上 in less than two minutes.

C上verting audio file with 开关

你有没有压缩的MP3文件准备上载后,您需要一个网站,用来发布播客。我认为我使用 iPad的io卫生组织上传到我们的一流演讲cast drop.io,但是,当我不记得我 drop.io 密码来宾今日(是的,我是愚蠢的,它并没有写下来的地方,当我创造了它),我决定用尝试定制网站 播客发电机.

我目前的虚拟主机(siteground)提供 的cPanel Access创建新 子域。这就是我想用我的网站,所以不是像“www.speedof创造力.org/CIC播客s”的地址,这将是“CIC播客s.speedof创造力.org“. Functionally this doesn’t make a difference, I just think 子域 look cool 和 more professi上al. 🙂 They may be easier for others to remember too. See my 视频 播客 from September 2008, “与建立一个子域的cPanel“如果你想在ESTA过程更多的指导。其他网络主机(如 BlueHost的)应该有一个像他们是否支持程序 的cPanel.

After I had the subdomain created, I expected I’d need to create a new MySQL database 和 user accoUNT to c上figure Podcast Generator. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that was NOT the case! After uploading all the unzipped 播客发电机 files to my webhost using FTP (I use Cyber​​duck的 - 免费)我指了指 我的Chrome浏览器 to the subdomain’s web address. Podcast 发电机 displayed a wizard which took me through five setup pages和 I was d上e! This was even easier to do than 设定 a custom WordPress的 安装!

播客发电机 1.3 - Setup

Logged in as the administrator, with the login credentials I created with the 设定 wizard, I’m able to directly upload 和 tag new podcast episodes. I love how 播客发电机 includes a direct link in the right sidebar to subscribe to the 播客 with iTunes的. I’m not sure if many of my students will find these 演讲casts helpful, but we did have three absences 上 Wednesday so I’m guessing they could help.

我第一次了解 播客发电机 几年前,当我开始收集 对于我的论文篇“coursecasting。” 它的奇妙的开源Web工具都可以像播客发生器。非常感谢 开发团队, 由...领着 阿尔贝托Betella!

500 Internal Server Error- 十大线上网赌网址-欢迎您

Internal Server Error

The server encoUNTered an internal error 和 was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the 应用licati上.


The only disadvantage of the lecturecasting process I’ve described here, which I can readily identify at this point, is 开关 doesn’t allow for any editing of meta data. I think that may be why my two 演讲casts have an automatically generated label of “2-9-2010” 上 their entries. I’m not sure.

A final note: When creating 播客s, take care to avoid the “chipmunk effect” which can h应用en if you choose a “sample rate” for your export settings that is NOT compatible with the Flash format. See my post, “避免了播客的花栗鼠效果“这更多的话题。看到我2009年10月后,“如何创建和发布播客“欲了解更多线上网赌网址我的”创建和发布播客正常“的过程。

我在这里所描述的方法,使用“无编辑”类讲座的录音和 播客发电机, is MUCH easier and faster. If you have suggestions or alternatives to the methods outlined here or on those other posts, I’d love to hear them! I’d also like to know of other college instructors who are publishing their own lecturecasts, 和 institutions which are publishing 演讲casts openly for public as well as student access. Expensive, commercial coursecasting solutions are available和 they CAN streamline this process in some cases. I think the functi上ality provided for FREE by 播客发电机 sets a high bar for function 和 usability, however, which I’d recommend using as a benchmark if you’re in the market for a commercial soluti上.

* - 我还不能肯定播客发电机卫生组织资格的标题“内容管理系统“既然没有一个MySQL后端。它的功能和看起来像一个CMS,但不同的设置。你觉得呢?

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一个响应 创建课程音频演讲cast(播客)与播客发生器

  1. My name is 克里斯·帕特里克 and I attend the University of South Alabama as a Secondary Education major. After reading your blog it helped me have a better understanding of Podcast and the 设定. I feel that the informati上 you have 分享d will really help me as an educator 和 I enjoyed reading your 博客.

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